<center>Meet Dr Srishti , Intern</center>

Meet Dr Srishti , Intern

"A piece of advice for anyone applying to medical schools, don’t forget to do those extra readings- they really do help and also treat your textboo...

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<center>Meet Harkiran Singh Bawa </center>

Meet Harkiran Singh Bawa

"I think medical school education in recent times is so much better than what it used to be, with the opportunities to gain clinical exposure, inte...

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<center>Meet Dr. Ritu Hinduja</center>

Meet Dr. Ritu Hinduja

"There is something so powerful in a doctor’s white coat. The responsibility it demands, and the power it gives. I saw it as such a noble professio...

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<center>Meet Dr. Tanya Agarwal</center>

Meet Dr. Tanya Agarwal

"Today, my abuser continues to roam free and even works in the same hospital as me. Imagine how traumatic that must be! It deeply pains me to think...

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