knya / Kan-ya / Kah-nya Derived from the Sanskrit word for Bravery: Panchakanya
The word represents powerful virtues possessed by five formidable goddesses. KNYA Med extols some of the same virtues - of kindness, compassion and grit - to pay homage to all healthcare professionals.

Founders Vanshika Choudhary And Abhijeet Kaji

Hear what our Founders have to say

Our Founders

Our Founders Vanshika Choudhary and Abhijeet Kaji are the dynamic husband-wife duo behind KNYA MED. As co-founders, Abhijeet and Vanshika have very distinct roles and strengths. With a degree in fashion studies from Lasalle College of Arts - Singapore, Vanshika is the creative ‘right brain’ of KNYA MED and drives sourcing, designing, production and quality control of their garments. Abhijeet, a Stanford University alum, is the analytical ‘left brain’, and leads hiring, revenue and growth of the company.

What we do

Not all Superheores wear capes

Some wear surgical gowns, scrubs or lab coats. To make sure our medical superheroes have top quality garments to safely carry on their heroic work, we did a deep-dive into fabric technology & design to understand exactly what doctors, surgeons, nurses and medics really want out of their daily hospital wear. And they didn’t want drab!

KNYA Med Medical Superheroes

Heroic numbers

25,32,456 pcs

Of medical apparel supplied to #KNYAHeroes

(That’s almost filling up 3 olympic swimming pools)