Meet Dr. Harshi Vakharia | Dentist

Dr.Harshi Vakharia

The last 5 years of my college life have been one heck of an experience for me as a person so far away from home yet it is a journey which is so beautiful and will be cherished for a whole lifetime! 

So, in my first year of college, as I had just been quite settled after all the initial adjustments a seventeen-year-old would do for herself when she is all on her own, all focused on a great career path i.e., Dentistry, I was diagnosed with a rare disease kikuchi Fujimoto. 

The little that I was settled in here, all began to look broken and impossible to handle!! Yet my aim to chase my passion was much more which was the only thing that kept me going far away from home! 

Now as I passed out from my first year of dentistry, the second year was waiting for me where I suffered from a disease called Bronchitis and was also admitted to the hospital for the same! 

This again troubled me a lot throughout the year and just because of my family and friends I had been still focused only on my aim! 

Eventually, I succeeded by passing off my second year with very bright colors. As I came into the third year of college, much bigger challenges were waiting for me! 

Here I got diagnosed with appendicitis and underwent an operation for it! Little that I got recovered from it, now I had caught an attack from dengue and again was admitted for it! This had broken me down and had brought the darkest of time ever which I had faced! It was again my family, my friends and my motive to attain the goal that drove me out again and watched me sail through the waters again with flying colors!! 

Now comes the final year!! The toughest of them all as they say!! Well, it meant the same to me as it saw me reaching a stage of bed rest due to a disease of the vertebral column known as Slip Disc!! 

This made me reach a point where I lost belief in everything as these four years had made me see things which no one would ever want to!! 

Again, it was my friends and my family who never gave up on me and always kept motivating me throughout my journey making me watch the brighter side of life!! 

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