Meet Dr Praneet, MBBS Intern

Meet Dr Praneet, MBBS Intern

“My inspiration to be a doctor was rooted in my wish to cure my grandfather of his paralysis as a young boy. As I grew older I realized that would not be possible as I familiarised myself with the functioning of the human body. But, this did not demotivate me but further fueled me to help my patients and become a better doctor. My dad’s wish for me to be a doctor was a final shove in the right direction.

I am currently in my final year of medical school and while the last few years have been a breeze and there have not been many difficulties, the long study hours do get tedious and it gets laborious to study everything on the curriculum.

One day I came across a doctor from Israel, @dr.elias_khourieh , and related to him like no other. He inspired me to get more fit and pursue other interests outside medicine.

As I grow older, I think a lot needs to change in this country, especially the reservation system that is being abused - upliftment should be provided on a financial basis, not on casteist foundations. I think the new introductions to the NEET exams and the addition of a clinical knowledge-based exam yield good results in the long run however right now it will definitely make a student’s life tedious and uninspired a lot of students from pursuing medicine.

My little piece of advice to everyone would be to take care of yourself - both physically and mentally.” 🩹💊 #knyamedheroes

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