Meet The Capes Superhero Story Of Aabir Humam

Aabir Humam

Class 9th 
What is my destiny? Would these hands skilfully wield a scalpel, or would they paint canvases with graceful, firm strokes? 
Society needs doctors, Aabir. What good can an artist do? 

Class 11th 
I remember holding my grandmother's pale feeble hands and she says “Aabir, Alexa ko bolo abida parveen ka tu jhoom lagade”; I saw the artist become the healer. 
I’ll study medicine to help others, and keep art close to help myself. 

Class 12th 
I was painting the swirling blues and crescent yellow moon on the back of my biology NCERT; “Issue kuch nahi hoga, nahi padh raha hai, ye sab paint phek do”, was what my relatives said. 
My art shuddered and hid from their unforgiving gaze. 
Bade hain vo Aabir, thik hi keh rahe honge. 

1st-year med school 
I threw my art, it had been lonely, lashed but it had been kept. but what am I without my art? it helped me to find myself and lose myself at the same time. 

Focusing on anatomy, I dissected the human body, and as my scalpel ran it also inspire, 
it also inspired art: the muscle striations, vascularity of organs, histological patterns, and the process of embryology. 

2nd-year medical school 
so, I embraced it, my art grew with me as my academic achievements mirrored my competition wins. It sings louder than the taunts of those that mocked it. Efforts resonate with this song of freedom, my art, that haunts away my fears and leads everyone who chooses to see me as their hope. 
It echoes my resilience; it paints the dream of a free heart. 
Tell me, can you hear its song? 

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