Meet Dr. Soumya Jha Who Found His Passion for Psychiatry Because Of Her Brother

Meet Dr. Soumya Jha Who Found His Passion for Psychiatry Because Of Her Brother

Dr. Soumya Jha

My grandpa was a doctor and although I never had the privilege to meet him, he gave me his legacy through his microscope.

When I was a child, I brought my grandfather’s microscope from Bihar to Goa and would spend hours viewing anything and everything under it.

Growing up with my brother who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy left me curious about the brain and its functioning.

My inquisitive nature made me scientifically inclined and it led me to clear the medical entrance test on my very first attempt.

During medical school, I got involved in various research activities and also pursued an ICMR studentship.

These experiences pushed me to pursue MD in psychiatry.

During medical school, I was overwhelmed but moments of realization such as perceiving that you are helping more than you think and things that are simple routine, mundane tasks for you may be life-changing for someone.

The pandemic has also taught me that we are a lot stronger than we think.

I think my advice to anybody hoping to pursue medicine would be to establish a balance between work and home and also separate emotions between the two.

Medicine is a profession that is very emotionally taxing and giving yourself some time to switch off is extremely important.

I like spending time cooking or traveling or writing songs to unwind.

Medicine as a profession is very fulfilling but an attitude to help is prime.

I believe that willingness to help people every day, achieve goals, enthusiasm towards the role, and realization of purpose are very important to be a good doctor.

That was our superhero with capes story of Dr. Soumya Jha.

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