Meet the Capes Superhero, Akanksha

Dr. Akanksha
As I was in school, I decided to study medicine. It was more like my mother's dream than mine. I always dreamt of saving lives especially being the aid for the needy and poor. 

After 12th I decided to pursue M.B.B.S in Russia at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. But studying abroad is really not an easy task, had to deal with the climate and the financial problems. 

Soon, large problems added to the existing ones. Had to face the waves of corona and now the Russia-Ukraine war. 

I started my study gram and a YouTube channel to help me stay motivated. I gained many good friends and had fun along with my studies. 
I did internship in India for few months. I want to be an honorable and successful surgeon in India. I am in 4th year now and soon will be appearing for the exit exam. 

Being the eldest daughter in the family following my dreams was really a difficult task, had to face many sexist comments. 

But the passion for my dream and the hope to see myself in that apron with the stethoscope kept me going. My dreams have always kept me going inspite of the obstacles. I will achieve them all soon 

If you liked reading this superhero story of Akanksha, then you’ll surely love the other superhero capes stories as well. Hop on to the capes page to get inspired. 

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You inspired me… I’ll give it my all.

Aakanksha Gupta

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