Meet DR. Aflahe | Doctor & Food Blogger

Dr Aflahe

I’m DR. Aflahe, I hail from the Kannur district of Kerala. I joined medicine because it was my parent’s dream, but slowly fell in love with the profession. 

During the house surgency period when dealing with patient care and much more, I was sure that I chose the right profession. 

In those days talking about food started as a hobby, but also became a side hustle. 

From my school days, I had a habit of trying new cuisines and sharing them with my friends. 
In my college days, I used to take a 2-hour bus ride to Calicut, just for the food. 

I used to share my foodie nature on WhatsApp then I moved to Instagram. 

In these 4 years, I’ve been a doctor and a food blogger. Blogging pays the bills and being a doctor keeps me busy. 

I’m loving where I’m at right now. Let’s see where it takes me. 

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