The Importance of Medical Aprons in Infection Control and Prevention

Medial aprons have been used by medical professionals for many years. It is one of the most important pieces of clothing a medical professional can wear.  

But have you ever wondered why they are used?

The use of medical aprons can not only protect the medical professional but also the patients. It is also important to use it appropriately as wearing it in the wrong way can lead to the transmission of many bacteria and viruses. 

When these bacteria and viruses spread it can cause a viral infection in the hospital ward, leading to many fatal casualties. As many viruses can come in contact with medical professionals, medical professionals wear lab coat aprons to protect themselves from these viruses. 

Reducing the risk of transmission:

These aprons reduce the risk of transmission of many viruses. In the hospital environment, many viruses and bacteria can come in contact with each other. It can lead to the creation of a new virus or a deadly bacteria.  

Since the cloth used in the apron is anti-bacterial, when the bacteria and viruses come in contact with the medical professional who is using a lab coat apron, the transmission of these viruses and bacteria is prevented.  

Your life could be at risk:

If you choose to not wear an apron in the medical environment, then you are putting your life and also your patient's and peers' lives in danger.  

As the lab coat apron is effective in preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses, we can say that it plays a crucial role in infection control and prevention of many diseases.  

Choosing to not wear a lab coat can be fatal, as a lab coat is not only exposed to viruses and bacteria but also it is exposed to bodily fluids, blood and vomit, if these things come in contact with other patients or your peers, it can be deadly. 

When to use?

You can use lab coat aprons when you know that there is a likelihood of you coming in contact with blood, stools, bodily fluids, secretions and deadly viruses.  

Although you have to wear it every time, you can remove it after making sure there is no risk in removing your lab coat apron.  

Now you know the importance of lab coat aprons in infection control and disease prevention, but you might still be confused about what kind of aprons to buy.  

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Why are medical aprons important in infection control and prevention?

Medical aprons are important in infection control and prevention because the kind of fabric used protects medical professionals from the spread of bacteria, and viruses from the front and back sides of the human body. These two sides are at the highest risk of contamination. Medical aprons are antibacterial, and moisture-wicking, so whenever the medical professionals wearing a lab coat come in contact with viruses and bacteria, the risk of contamination is very low.

What types of infections do medical aprons help prevent?

All types of infections are preventable with the help of medical aprons. As aprons prevent direct skin-to-skin contact with anybody, they are very effective in the prevention of infection.

What are the key features of an effective medical apron?

An effective medical apron is made out of a blend of fabrics called poly viscose, which makes it durable, comfortable and highly functional. Another key feature of an effective medical apron is the number of pockets. As medical professionals have to carry equipment with them, they won't be able to carry all their stuff in their hands. So, the importance of a good number of pockets cannot be ignored.