Different Types Of Medical Scrubs You Need To Know

Scrubs are now an integral part of almost everything in the hospital, and not something that is only worn in the OT. As a uniform, medical technologists, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, all have to wear scrubs. With the advancements in healthcare industry, dressing in healthcare too has changed over time. There are now many styles and colors available for medical uniforms. Colors like green, blue, navy blue, maroon, grey, black, walnut, lilac, pink, wine, and more. The scrubs for doctors and nursing uniform now are multi-functional and consist of several pockets so that medical personnel can store all the handy and important items like papers, gauze, stethoscope, injections required while on the job.

Why Medical Scrubs Are Vital for Healthcare Professionals

Scrubs serve two main purposes. One, make doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals easily identifiable by patients and visitors. Second, make an ultimate go-to apparel that's easy to clean and maintainable. It can be difficult to navigate a hospital for twelve hours straight for work. Because of this, we at Knya offer types of comfortable medical scrubs that are now available in many sizes (including petite and tall, so that all body types can find a size most flattering for themselves). A lightweight fabric that is easily moveable and breathable is an important feature to look out for when shopping for the right pair of clothes. When shopping for scrubs, it is important to evaluate their durability, material, cost and functionality, breathability, size availability and fit.

What are the different types of medical scrubs

Surgical scrubs

Surgical scrubs are specifically designed for doctors' surgeries for within the operating rooms. Because surgeons are often in direct contact with chemicals and fluids during their operations, surgical scrubs are supposed to be sterilized and made of disposable clothing. The surgical uniform consist of a scrub shirt, scrub pants, and a disposable gown to be worn over the scrubs. The uniform also include 3 ply surgical masks, surgical clogs, and surgical pullovers, amongst other things. These clothes are supposed to be comfortably loose so they don't affect precise working movements, and ideally cover the body fully in order to keep the skin safe during surgeries.

Nursing scrubs

Nurses usually assists with the patient's mobility, cleaning, medicine administration, and facilitating aid in other emergencies. Today's nurse scrubs allow nurses to move comfortably and freely, unlike the starchy, white nurse uniforms of the early and mid-1900s. The nurse scrubs are comprised of a scrub top with a scrub pants. While the style of scrubs for men and women is similar, their fit may differ depending on your body shape. There are many unisex options that serve the same purpose, and they can be extremely comfortable, flexible, and relaxed. All scrubs have been designed to be functional and can perform well in busy, fast-paced environments that require constant movement and activity.

Male Nursing scrubs

Male nursing scrubs were designed with comfort in mind. They are distinctive in their masculine & form-fitting styling, durability, coloring, placement of zippers and pockets, as well as accommodate wider shoulders for all kinds of movement. In them, you can lift your arms easily without feeling restricted. You can find scrubs for men in many colors and styles that will match your co-workers, AND make you stand out, here.



Female Nursing scrubs

Medical scrubs women differ from other types of scrubs because the silhouettes are cut differently for ladies around the waist. These scrubs are designed to suit female nurses with feminine colors, large pockets, and a flattering fit. The scrub pants appear more professional and sophisticated because they are more fitted and less baggy. These pants are more flexible and comfortable to withstand long shifts and difficult situations.

Lab Coats

One of the other types of medical scrubs available in the market, Lab coats or white coats are the traditional medical practitioner's outfit. For medical technicians and health personnel who handle chemicals and bodily fluids on a daily basis (urine and blood, stool, etc.), this is the ideal outfit. This is an additional piece of clothing, like a jacket, aside from the standard scrubs. The lab coat is a classic piece that doctors can wear over a set of scrubs or professional wear. These coats are great for protecting skin from spills and drops, especially on the arms if you prefer the full-sleeved lab coats. These lab coats are easy to clean and stain-proof, made from polyester or polypropylene. They're breathable fabrics with an antimicrobial finish. They can also be removed easily in the event of a chemical emergency to provide natural hazard containment. To avoid cross-contamination, infections and the spread of bacteria, these scrubs should be kept in the lab or workplace.

There are other kinds of scrubs like dentists’ scrubs, maternity scrubs, in-patient scrubs as well as veterinary scrubs, however, we at Knya are focusing on providing premium quality medical scrubs online at the best price for majorly medical professionals at present. Check out our brand collection of best scrubs online for men and women now.


What are the different types of medical scrubs available?

Medical scrubs come in various styles, including traditional v-neck, mock wrap, cargo, & athletic-inspired designs.

What are the primary purposes of different scrub styles?

Different scrub styles are designed to cater to various healthcare roles and preferences. V-neck scrubs are classic and widely used, while cargo scrubs offer extra pockets for storage.

Are there specific scrubs for surgical staff and other healthcare professionals?

Surgical staff often wear sterile, disposable scrubs, while other healthcare professionals can choose from a variety of non-sterile scrubs in different styles.

What are the key differences between men's and women's medical scrubs?

Men's scrubs typically have a looser fit and longer inseams, while women's scrubs may have more fitted styles & shorter inseams. However, unisex options are also available.

Do medical scrubs come in different colors?

Scrubs are available in a wide range of colors, although some healthcare institutions may have specific color-coding policies for different roles.

What are "stretch" or "performance" scrubs, and when are they preferred?

Stretch or performance scrubs are designed with added spandex for flexibility & comfort, making them popular among those with active job roles.

Are there scrubs specifically designed for infection control or protection?

To limit the spread of diseases in healthcare environments, some scrubs are treated with antimicrobial chemicals or constructed from specific materials.