What All To Buy Before Medical College Starts

Things To Buy Before MBBS

In the 1st year of MBBS, you’re lost, confused, and your brain has reached a hangover mode without taking any intoxicants: You’re hung up thinking about what you should buy before medical college starts. You have no one to guide you.

You have no one to help you. You are on your own, in a college hostel, with money to spend on stationery, and you lack any knowledge of what to buy.

Must-Have Items Before Medical College Starts:

1. Apron:

Wearing a good lab coat apron is a dream come true for many medical students. You will be required to wear the medical lab coat apron almost daily.

So make sure you buy a good lab coat apron. Buy at least two, so that when you wash one lab coat the other one is handy.

2. Dissection Kit:

While every college does provide good dissection kits, it is way better to buy them on your own. A dissection kit includes a scalpel, scissors, forceps etc.

It is important to buy it in your first year of medical college, it will be very useful when studying with cadavers.

It is also useful in anatomy class, just search for good dissection kits for MBBS students and you’ll get a good plethora of options to choose from.

3. Surgical blades:

Surgical blades are available in the dissection kits, but you’ll soon run out of them.

You’ll have to use it regularly so make sure you’re buying a good number of surgical blades and you never run out of it.

4. A great stethoscope:

Wearing a great stethoscope is a dream come true for many MBBS students. The stethoscope is the most basic thing you’ll ever need when studying MBBS.

Make sure you buy a stethoscope that has better quality sound, is comfortable to use, and looks good.

A stethoscope MBBS students can buy can be: 3M Littman stethoscopes or Littman Classics III

5. Scrub caps:

You’ll be required to wear scrub caps in MBBS, so make sure you’re buying a good one that not only makes you look good but also protects you. Protects you?

Yes, a good scrub cap protects your hair and the environment you’re working in from getting contaminated.

There are many designer scrub caps available on Knya that can make you look appealing for sure.

6. 3 Ply Masks:

3 Play masks are very important to buy as they will be useful every day. Since you’ll be required to wear one during posting, or while attending to patients.

Don’t just buy any mask. Buy a mask that has 3 layers of protection to protect you from any contaminants.

7. Books:

Lastly, you’ll need books. You’ll have to buy books from a good publication that uses simple language to explain complex terms. Books will be required for studying, so make sure you buy a good one.

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What type of stethoscope is recommended for medical students?

3M Littman stethoscope is recommended for students and practitioners. This stethoscope has more comfort and more features than the standard stethoscope and it is highly acoustic. It has two sides, one is for checking adults and the smaller side is for pediatric patients.

Do I need to purchase a specific type of laptop or tablet for medical school?

There’s no specific type of laptop or tablet recommended. However, it is recommended that you choose a laptop with a proper operating system, good RAM and ROM to save your study materials. You can also buy a tablet, but for long term study purposes, laptop is a better option.

Are there any recommended anatomy models or charts for better understanding?

There are no recommended anatomical charts for better understanding. You need different charts for a deeper understanding of the human body, and to understand the patient’s problem visually. You also need a variety of anatomical charts. Detailed charts and models help you understand the patient's ailments.

Should I invest in a white coat, and are there any guidelines for choosing the right one?

If you’re looking to buy medical apparel like scrubs, lab coat aprons, or healthcare accessories then you can buy from Knya. There’s only one guideline for choosing the right one and here it is: Choose a lab coat apron in which you feel comfortable, appealing, and trustworthy.

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