Which Fabric Is Used for Hospital Scrubs?

Which Fabric Is Used for Hospital Scrubs?

Doctors in the 1800s wore black coats stained with pus and blood which were often considered badges of honour. Infection control wasn’t protocol yet and the common belief was – the bigger the stains, the better the surgeon!

By the early 1900s white surgical gowns made of muslin had become the norm as hospital scrub suits, but muslin gowns became ineffective rapidly as they would be impractical once they got wet.

Soon rubber was introduced to increase protection, but these nursing scrubs were uncomfortable and provided less mobility. Thankfully, with the invention of synthetic fabrics, hospital scrubs evolved into their current forms today. Soon enough the white gowns were also replaced with coloured blue or green scrubs to reduce the light-reflective properties and feasibility of washing them.

The modern hospital scrub suits are made from four fabrics – cotton, polyester, rayon and spandex. The blend of these fabrics is essential for comfort and durability. The fabric chosen is also in accordance with the geographical location where the scrubs are to be used.

With the hot and humid climate of India – KNYA Med scrubs use the blend of polyester-viscose as their fabric with 65% polyester and 35% viscose. This is a semi-synthetic blend which uses the best of both fibres to create a fabric most suitable for medical scrubs. While the fabric has a nice feel and smooth texture helping with the soft and natural touch, it is also robust and easy to maintain. The fabric boasts of a good wicking sensation and breathability allowing it to absorb smells and liquid. The fabric is also easily heat set causing it to be wrinkle-free and retain its shape easily

Hospital Scrub Suits

This fabric is a proprietary fabric created after years of research and formulation here at KNYA Med. These fabrics are tested by the Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA) for colour fastness and shrinkage. The fabric is also autoclavable, an essential quality for Ot scrubs as autoclaves are used to sterilise these scrubs in hospitals and medical institutes. Autoclaves machines that use steam under pressure to sterilise medical and lab equipment.

The fabric used in the Classic range of KNYA Med men and women scrubs is backed by technology and research to ensure all-day comfort during long shifts for healthcare professionals. The hospital scrubs provide mobility and flexibility while having a professional aesthetic and structure and are soft as a feather. The relaxed fit and breathability of the fabric of these scrubs are a bonus. Least to say these hospital scrub sets are long shifts verified! And the most exciting feature of them, custom embroidered scrubs. Now, you can order embroidered scrub tops with names or more!

Custom Embroidered Scrubs

A new fabric at KNYA Med launched recently is the EcoFlex. The EcoFlex technology uses 100% recycled polyester made from PET bottles found in ocean waste. It is made from a traceable manufacturing process that can be validated with a Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification. It has one of the lowest carbon footprints and aims to create more sustainable unisex scrub sets. These nursing scrubs are wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking and odour resistant. The fabric used for these unisex scrubs is super soft, has a four way stretch and ultra-durable. The scrub set also promises superior colour continuity. This new fabric is complemented for having the perfect stretch as it combines the benefits of stretchability and shape retention. With zero need for ironing – it truly is a perfect blend.

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