What All to Include in Dissection Kit: A Must Have for 1st Year Medical Student

Dissection kit is the must have for 1st year MBBS students, as most students are trained to work with bodies, muscle tissues, skin, etc.  

Working with a dissection kit allows the MBBS students to use all the necessary equipment given in the dissection kit on their patient and get hands on experience. 

But when you’re buying a dissection kit in your first year of MBBS you need to stay aligned with the latest NMC Guidelines when it comes to dissection kits. 

According to the latest NMC Guidelines of 2022 here are all the things your dissection kit must include:

BP Handle

This likely refers to the handle of a blood pressure cuff or sphygmomanometer, which is the device used to measure a person's blood pressure. 

BP Blade

This might refer to the blade component of a blood pressure cuff. It's the inflatable part of the cuff that goes around the patient's arm and is used to constrict the blood flow temporarily during blood pressure measurement. 

Scissors (3 different types)

There are various types of medical scissors used for cutting different materials during medical procedures. Some types include: 

Bandage Scissors:

These are blunt-tipped scissors used to safely cut through bandages and dressings without cutting the patient's skin.


Operating Scissors:

These are sharp-tipped scissors used during surgical procedures for cutting tissues, sutures, or other materials.


Iris Scissors:

These are delicate scissors with fine tips, often used for intricate cutting in surgical procedures.


Forceps (3 different types)

Forceps are handheld, hinged instruments used for grasping and holding objects during medical procedures. Some types include: 

Hemostatic Forceps:

Also known as hemostats or arterial forceps, these are used to clamp blood vessels to control bleeding.


Tissue Forceps:

These forceps have a wider grip and are used to handle and hold tissues during surgery or other medical procedures.


Adson Forceps:

These forceps have fine tips with small teeth at the end, used for holding delicate tissues or sutures.


Stainless steel needle

This refers to a needle made from stainless steel, which is a common material used for medical needles. Needles are used for various purposes such as injections, drawing blood, or suturing. 

PVC Needle

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a type of plastic. A PVC needle could refer to a needle that has a plastic hub or casing. These needles might be used for specific medical applications. 


A lancet is a small, sharp instrument used to puncture the skin for purposes like blood glucose testing (finger stick) or other diagnostic procedures requiring a small blood sample. 


A medical probe is a slender instrument used to explore or measure body cavities, wounds, or other areas of interest. Probes come in various shapes and sizes depending on their intended use. 

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Why is a dissection kit essential for a 1st-year medical student?

Dissection kit is a must have for 1st year MBBS students, as from the first year MBBS students are taught to work with bodies, The dissection kit includes all kinds of equipment that is necessary to cut the body. The kit is so small that it can easily be inserted into your lab coat apron’s pocket.

What are the basic components included in a typical dissection kit for a 1st-year medical student?

Weighing just 250 grams, the components included in a typical dissection kit of a 1-year MBBS student is scalpels, blades, forceps, probes, pins, pads, dissection fluids etc.

What kind of scalpels and blades are recommended for 1st-year medical students?

When you’re in your 1 year of MBBS College you need good quality blades and scalpels. Generally, blades with bard parker handle is recommended.