Everything You Need To Know About Ecoflex

We know the pain that you go through when looking to buy a perfect scrub suit for doctors. Searching endless options, enquiring about the fabric, to buying it, then, as long as you’re using it, you realize many things wrong with your scrub suit.

It’s not comfortable, non-stretchable, and also non-breathable. &

You need pockets, not one or two but many, but the pockets in your doctor’s scrub suits aren’t even built with quality to carry your medical equipment with ease.
Then you wonder, ‘I could’ve bought a good one, the best one”

The best scrub suit for doctors has durability, comfort, stretch, and functionality all under one scrub.

That’s called, “Ecoflex

What is Ecoflex Scrubs?

Our Ecoflex scrub is more than a scrub suit. 

When you’re buying doctors' scrub suits you’re looking for that perfect OT scrub that is highly functional, and comfortable.

But what if we tell you, there’s more to a doctor’s OT scrub than just functionality or comfort, that’s why you need to know about Ecoflex.

Ecoflex scrub is made from 100% recycled polyester from PET bottles found in ocean waste. 

This process of making our Ecoflex fabric doesn’t require wet dying, and it saves water, chemicals, and a ton of energy. 

It uses 50% less energy than virgin polyester, and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 68%.

This process is also validated by a Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certification.

It Has a Four Way Stretch

Recall all those tiring days in the hospital. Running in the wards, visiting patients, and keeping up with time.

In these moments you need a hospital scrub that is stretchable and makes you feel comfortable.

EcoFlex has a 4-way stretch, unlike any other OT scrub. This scrub suit for doctors is built for your longer & hectic days in the hospital.

Super Soft & Durable

Enough…buying non-durable scrubs.
No one likes buying the same scrub again and again just because the quality and the material of the scrub aren’t durable enough.

The scrub gets worn out, and the fabric also fades with time.
Ecoflex, because of the fabric blend used, doesn’t lose its durability and fade of the fabric despite washing it multiple times.

Moisture Wicking & Odor Resistant

Has it ever happened to you that you sweat and your scrubs stink off your smell? 
Or your scrub isn’t built to handle moisture?
Don’t worry, our Ecoflex hospital scrub suit has a solution for this problem.
There's one kind of fabric that won't shrink or lose its durability, and that's Poly-viscose. 
It is a blend of the best of both fabrics, polyester, and viscose.
It's comfortable for hard-wearing clothes like medical scrubs.

Here are a few qualities of polyester:

  • Durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Retains its shape

Here are a few qualities of viscose:

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Absorbs water and sweat
  • Breathable
  • Doesn’t fade

The Ecoflex scrubs are moisture-wicking & odor resistant.
It all boils down to the fabrics used in your scrub suits
Cotton or linen fabrics can shrink, fade, and lose their quality. 
But Ecoflex OT scrub suits made from poly-viscose scrubs don't lose their quality.

The Quality Is Built In

We’re serious about Quality
Our Ecoflex OT Scrub Suits are made from a premium fabric blend called poly-viscose.
Each piece of the Ecoflex scrub is inspected several times before leaving the factory.
Made With Love
When designing we consider the look, feel, & comfort of the Ecoflex scrub.
Because we want you to enjoy wearing our scrub suits for years to come.
Ecoflex Scrub Suits are more than just a medical uniform item; they're an essential piece of gear you don't want to leave home without.

The new generation of medical professionals must have the right gear for Ecoflex Scrubs.
We’re Knya, and this is our way of giving back to the doctors and nurses.