How to Care for Your Chinese Collar Scrubs Properly?

Caring for your Chinese collar scrubs is an important task. 

You cannot risk your scrubs getting dirty, because once the stain gets into the fabric material, it’ll get contaminated. 

Your scrubs get contaminated by blood, vomit and other kinds of chemical stains every day, so it seems pretty impossible to care for them. 

But, no worries, we have a little guide for you. 

Why is it important to care for your scrubs?

Because if you leave your scrubs unattended it’ll be home to thousands of viruses and bacteria. Your scrubs can get easily contaminated in the hospital, that’s why it is very important to care for them. 

Caring for your Chinese collar scrubs is the same as caring for your traditional scrubs. Both of these scrubs are made from the same material, that is polyester and viscose which makes them easy to wash, durable, breathable and comfortable.  

Here’s how you can start caring for it: 


Disinfect your scrubs. Use an antibacterial detergent, or soap to wash your scrubs. When you remove your scrubs wrap them up in a plastic bag and keep them out of reach of other people. 

Remove blood & vomit stains:

The first and foremost thing you should do when taking care of your Chinese medical scrub is take care of the stains. 

Vomit and blood have proteins in them. Once the protein starts getting deeper into the fabric material it can be ugly, it’ll be hard to remove, and it can contaminate your scrub. 

Make sure you use a spoon, or knife that you can use to remove stains, after you’re done removing the stains, start washing your scrubs. 

Make sure you wash your scrubs in hot water. As hot water can push the stain out of the fabric and also kill the bacteria/viruses of the stain. 

Turn scrubs inside out when washing:

When washing your scrub, turn it inside out. Turning your scrub inside out when washing can prevent its fade, and also make it last longer than you’ve expected it to be. 

Dry the scrub inside out:

When drying the scrubs, it is also important to dry them inside out. Drying your scrub directly in the sun can burn the fabric and cause the quality of the fabric to deteriorate. 

So, turn your scrub inside out and dry it. 

No lotion or perfume:

Never apply any oil-based lotion or perfume directly on your Chinese collar scrubs. Once these oil-based lotions/perfumes get on the Chinese scrub it is way harder to remove it. 

If you want to know more read this guide on washing your scrubs. Washing and taking care of your medical Chinese scrubs is the same as traditional scrubs as they’re made from the same material. 


What materials are Chinese collar scrubs typically made of?

Chinese collar scrubs are typically made of polyester and viscose blend of fabric. The use of this fabric makes your Chinese collar scrubs durable, comfortable and long-lasting.

What is the best way to wash Chinese collar scrubs?

The best way to wash Chinese collar scrubs or also known as mandarin collar scrubs is by washing them with hot water. The hot water will kill any viruses or bacteria present in your scrub. It is also advised that you remove stains before washing your Chinese medical scrubs

Should I wash Chinese collar scrubs with other clothing items?

No. Never wash your Chinese collar scrubs with other clothing items. When you remove your medial Chinese collar scrubs, wrap them up in plastic and keep them away from other clothes, as bacteria can spread from your scrubs to your clothes

How do I remove stains from Chinese collar scrubs?

Use detergent and wash your scrubs. If your scrubs are stained by blood or vomit, use a spoon or any material, remove those stains and then start washing them.

Can I iron my Chinese collar scrubs?

Yes, you can iron your Chinese collar scrubs. It will make it look good, it’ll make your look presentable and stand out from the crowd.