The Role of Eco Flex Scrubs in Reducing Waste and Plastic in Healthcare

The world is changing due to climate change. It is also said that in the coming years, every weather will get 2% extreme. 

That means more rain. 

The more scorching heat of the summer. 

And chillier winters. 

With this comes dangerous natural calamities 

To curb climate change every brand needs to do something. 

Brands and governments are taking necessary steps in preventing climate change. 

Many governments have put restrictions on the manufacturing processes and many brands are working to develop a sustainable manufacturing process for their products. 

So, we thought about doing something for the planet and something for you, and that’s how we created, Ecoflex. 

How much water is wasted in manufacturing fabrics?

Manufacturing fabric involves a big process that leaves a negative impact on the environment. 

Manufacturing fabric increases land waste, a lot of chemicals and waste is used in dying and manufacturing the fabric. 

Brands must develop a sustainable manufacturing process to manufacture a fabric that causes less water waste and less use of chemicals. Enter ecoflex. 

How eco flex is reducing waste and plastic?

Ecoflex scrubs are made from premium blends of fabric called polyester and viscose. The polyester part of the eco flex comes from the recycling of PET plastic bottles found in ocean waste. 

That means the plastic bottles go through a recycling process that creates the polyester fabric which is then blended with viscose and ecoflex scrub fabrics are made. 

The entire process of manufacturing eco-flex saves a ton of water and reduces waste by using the least amount of chemicals. 

It takes 6 bottles from ocean waste to make one eco-flex scrub. This means with every ecoflex scrub you buy you help decrease 0.50 tonnes of carbon in the environment. 

What’s different in Ecoflex is, because of the 100% recycled polyester used in the fabric, the scrub has an extra, 4-way stretch to it. It’s way more comfortable, stretchy & breathable than standard scrubs. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for scrubs that are comfortable, stretchy, and breathable and you also want to care about the environment, then you can’t go wrong with ecoflex. 


What are Ecoflex scrubs, and how are they different from traditional scrubs?

Ecoflex is not your standard scrub. It is a medical scrub worn that is made from recycled PET bottles found in ocean waste. This recycling makes 100% recycled polyester and then it is blended with viscose. Making one Ecoflex scrub requires the recycling of 6 PET bottles found in ocean waste. This makes the Ecoflex scrub highly sustainable, and a great waste reducer. It’s different from other scrubs because it is: • Durable • Sustainable • Auto clavable • Moisture wicking

How do Ecoflex scrubs contribute to reducing waste and plastic in healthcare?

The process of manufacturing eco-flex involves recycling PET bottles found in ocean waste, which leads to the creation of polyester fabric. Which leads to less use of water, and less dying process. The less use of water and chemicals leaves a positive impact on the planet.

What materials are Ecoflex scrubs made from, and are they biodegradable?

Ecoflex scrubs are made from a blend of two fabrics called poly-viscose. The manufacturing of eco flex involves recycling PET bottles found in ocean waste. This makes the scrub • Durable • 4-way stretch • Sustainable

Are Ecoflex scrubs as durable and comfortable as traditional scrubs?

Yes, the ecoflex scrubs are more durable and comfortable than the traditional scrubs. One of the best things about Ecoflex scrub that sets it apart from the traditional one is the extra 4-way stretch. It is extra comfortable, durable, stretchy and feels good to wear too.