Meet the Superhero with capes, Ravina Ahuja

Meet the Superhero with capes, Ravina Ahuja

Going abroad for MBBS- I never thought of it 6 years ago but now I feel “life is magical” 
Started my medical journey 5 years back but it was not at all easy because was the single child of my parents. 
My relatives were not in favour but guess what I have my “Mummo” and my “Shona Pupu” - my world who supported me, and gave her best to convince my family. 
Then I started my journey to Osh, Kyrgyzstan, 2 years were okay but the main hurdle came after that and my family faced an extreme financial crisis. 
During my vacation of 2nd year, I was feeling helpless, I and my mom didn’t give up and applied for an education loan — it wasn’t that easy to do all the processes, finally, after all these challenges I came back to Osh, and destiny had planned another chapter full of hurdles for me. 

My health worsened and within a week doctors suggested I go back to India. 
The most challenging part started - I wanted to be normal again and after struggling for 3 months in India, I came back to Osh again. 
I haven’t learnt to give up and that was the reason after so much negativity and challenges I kept myself positive and motivated. 

Now I’m in my last year and I’m preparing for my FMGE exam, hoping for the best & doing the hard work for it. 

My message is that - in your journey, people will criticize you, try to harm you mentally by making fun of your financial situation, and laugh at you but —

Make sure you don’t affect yourself


Focus on your goals and do whatever you want with full efficiency and perfection and let the universe reward you back. 
“Positivity & Law of attraction” is my formula for life. 

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