Meet the Capes Superhero, Dr. Anoushka Sakpal

Meet the Capes Superhero, Dr. Anoushka Sakpal
Right from childhood, I was sure I wanted to become a doctor and serve the nation. I understood the importance of a doctor in society from the very beginning.

When I was 6 years old, my grandfather passed away because of cardiac arrest. It was at that moment that I decided I would become a cardiologist. 

Post that, I started reading more about the human body and started gaining a deeper interest in the body and its functioning. 

I was in 8th when I got to know that I have to clear NEET to become a doctor. After 10th, I joined the coaching and worked hard. During covid and lockdown, my momentum decreased hence I couldn’t clear NEET 2020. 

The year 2020 was very depressing for me. I wouldn’t sleep at night and wouldn’t talk to my friends. I had become a loner. My parents were also a bit upset. I believed that I don’t deserve to be a doctor. 

I held myself together and it was during Diwali that I shook myself up and started studying again. It was very difficult. My mind was flooded with questions like what if I fail again? What if I don’t get selected? 

What if my rank didn’t get better? My mind was filled with what-ifs. But somehow, I crept through those thoughts and continued studying. It was then that I made new friends online and we would study together. 

I started scoring fairly well and I knew this time I would clear NEET! Finally, after months of stress, tension, sleepless nights and hard work, I got selected into a government medical college of my choice. 

Despite spending 8 months in med school, I somehow still fear not getting through NEET. I still have dreams about the NEET paper! I get a sense of accomplishment realizing that I am finally on the path to becoming a doctor! 

My only advice to all the NEET aspirants would be that YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and that YOU CAN DO IT. 

No matter what. Get up and start studying. Eventually, you’ll fall in love with everything. And when you know that you know, you feel different, you feel special. All the best and hope to see you all on the other side! 

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