Exploring Alternative Medicine: What You Need to Know Right Now

Alternative Medicine Doctors

If you’re a medical professional, chances are you rarely know about alternative medicine. Many alternative medicine doctors are becoming famous for doing alternative therapies for their patients.

As a medical professional, you need to know about alternative medicine. Many traditional doctors are totally against alternative medicine, and many say that they see it as a complementary medicine. 

Alternative medicine has gotten a bad rap in society because of a lack of scientific research, and false marketing. That’s why doctors from conventional medicine do not trust alternative medicine. 


But what is alternative medicine/alternative therapy?

Alternative medicine works on a principle that is the most important for the human body. That is balance. You need to have the proper balance of energy in your body to restore your health. 

To restore this balance there are many types of alternative therapy used along with traditional medicine.

Alternative therapy refers to anything that is not traditional scientific medicine. Examples below. In medical spaces when your patient takes the alternative medicine route ignoring the traditional medicine route then this is called alternative medicine. 

But when your patient takes traditional medicine along with alternative therapies then this is called CAM, complementary medicine. 

Here are the types/techniques of alternative therapies/medicine:

  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Ayurveda
  • Acupuncture
  • Naturopathy
  • Homoeopathy
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Chinese medicine
  • Herbal medicine

But no matter how much you trust it, alternative medicine or alternative therapy has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Benefits of alternative medicine:

Whole person treatment:

One of the benefits of alternative medicine is that the alternative medicine doctors treat the people fully in terms of their body, mind and soul. 

Alternative medicine doctors not only treat the symptoms but also what causes it. Whereas traditional medicine professionals only see the disease as a standalone. 

Alternative medicine doctors see it as a cause and effect and work on the person’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being to curb the disease. 


One-on-one attention to patients:

Another benefit of alternative medicine is that the doctors of alternative medicine give personal, one-on-one attention to patients. 

If we talk about traditional doctors, they’re usually busy with tight schedules, the hospitals have strict rules, and there are issues with clinics and reports. Due to this conventional medicine doctors as usually not able to give personal care to the patients. 

Focus on prevention:

Another benefit of alternative medicine is its focus on prevention of disease. Whereas the traditional medicine intervenes during a disease, the alternative medicine focuses on preventing it. 

But it’s usually not all good. In the world of alternative medicine, issues arise and this causes its drawbacks. Here are the drawbacks of alternative medicine: 

Lack of research:

Because of limited experiments and a lack of research, alternative medicine cannot be trusted. The sample size of research is very less so there is a lack of scientific research when it comes to trusting alternative medicine. 


Alternative medicine has got a bad rap because of the marketing they do. The false claims and false guarantees alternative therapies give have failed so many people and they’ve lost their trust. 

Dangerous interactions:

When alternative medicine is taken as a complementary medicine it can have dangerous interactions with other medicines and can cause unwanted emergencies. 

Here are the details about alternative medicine, their benefits and drawbacks. If you’re a medical professional you can’t do much about alternative medicine, but you can caution your patients about the risks of doing alternative therapies. 

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Are alternative medicine practices safe and scientifically proven?

Alternative medicine practices are not safe and scientifically proven because of the lack of scientific research and small sample size, it is hard to justify whether it works on the patients or not.

Can alternative medicine be used alongside conventional treatments?

Yes, when alternative medicine is used alongside conventional treatments then it is called complementary medicine.

What are some common types of alternative medicine?

The common types/techniques of alternative medicine are: • Yoga • Ayurveda • Tai chi • Massage • Homeopathy