Why do frontline Doctors and Nurses wear Scrub Caps?

Why do frontline Doctors and Nurses wear Scrub Caps?

In this digital era, we associate everything with a visual – a logo, trademark, or brand. Similarly, while scrub suits are becoming synonyms with healthcare professionals; the likes of Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor are also introducing us to other medical terms like code blues and infection control. And how can we talk about infection control without mentioning ‘scrub caps

Now, as the head is not washed every day, causing dirt, oil, and grease to accumulate along with other contaminants, surgical caps help in keeping the area sterile and not allowing hair from the surgeons’ cap to fall into the operating field. Surgical caps help both the patient and doctor or nurse stave off infection by covering and holding back their hair. These scrub caps are also necessary to prevent sweat to roll onto the face and possibly contaminate the surgical operating area.

And let’s be honest, sometimes working in a hospital can be challenging - with all the blood, pus, and fluids that surround you; making you very grateful for the surgical cap when you try to accidentally scratch your head!

But the scrub caps for nurses are a lot more than that for the healthcare professionals and have further benefits. It makes hairstyling ever so easier and faster, just put your hair in a bun and throw a scrub cap on; helping you get those extra few minutes of sleep

But we at Knya believe that the clothes you wear resemble who you are, while our scrub suits make you feel powerful and speak to the hero in you! Our scrub hats for men and women are an easy way for your personality to shine through or to just brighten up someone else’s day!

Walking towards sustainability, our Poly Viscose printed scrub caps are an adventurous alternative to mainstream disposable surgical caps! The fabric used for the surgical caps at Knya is ultra-breathable and lightweight, fitting your head truly like a crown! It is also adjustable with ties at the back and buttons on both sides to hold your masks firmly. These buttons help to protect your ears against irritation and skin cracks from the elastics of the mask.

What better way than to jazz your Scrub Caps with fun prints like the Classic, Camouflage, Smiley, and Evil Eye from Knya. We promise they’ll make your outfit a lot more fun!

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