Why Are Mandarin Scrubs Growing in Popularity?

Why Are Mandarin Scrubs Growing in Popularity?

Out of all the trending styles, the Mandarin style of collar has taken the fashion world by storm, and the storm has also reached the medical apparel world. 

Mandarin collared or Chinese collar scrub is a new type of collar that looks cool, gives you a more stylish look, and makes you look appealing. 

But first, let us discuss what Mandarin is. 

Wonder Why It Is Named Mandarin?

Mandarin collar is named “Mandarin” or “Chinese collar” as it first originated in China. The Chinese military used to wear mandarin collared shirts, and then the trend of mandarin collar slowly latched on to the world. 

The mandarin collar is slightly different from the old traditional one. 

The traditional collar is rounded, meets the neck and it often gives you a look that is not appealing. But the mandarin collar barely meets the neck, and it is a standing collar. 

The Indian version of the mandarin collar is called, “Bandhgala” or “The Nehru Collar”  

Why Is Mandarin Scrubs Growing In Popularity?

Mandarin collar has gotten a lot of appeal from fashion enthusiasts, and it is trending because: 

It is a simple alternative to a normal collar:

Mandarin collar is a simple, rather stylish alternative to the normal collared shirts you wear. There’s is no fuss while wearing mandarin collared scrubs, because, you don’t have to work on its collar. If you wear a V-neck scrub and aren't satisfied with the collar type, because it is too deep, or not fitting properly, then you can buy mandarin collared scrubs. It is a better alternative to the V-neck, as it gives you a cool, stylish and appealing look. 

It is versatile:

Mandarin collar is versatile. It doesn’t give you a look that is “too-formal look” or "too-cool". The mandarin collar comfortably manages to stay in between the “cool” and “formal” areas of style. It is versatile, and it suits any occasion you wear it. Making you stand apart from the rest of the medical world.  

Mandarin is minimalist:

The mandarin collar has a minimalist style like the V-neck. You won't need to style your collar in a different way than you do for your normal collars. You can wear mandarin scrubs without having to style it because it is versatile, there’s no fuss wearing it and it has a minimalist look to it. For those medical professionals who don’t want to overdo their looks, mandarin or V-neck scrubs are the best option out there for them.  

A great alternative to the standard V-neck scrub, and gives you a classy look

Mandarin has a classic look to it. It gives off the vibe of trendy, classy style that you can never go wrong with. 

If you wear mandarin, it’ll give you a classier look than the standard V-neck scrub.

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What are Mandarin scrubs?

Mandarin scrubs are scrubs that have a mandarin collar. The mandarin collar is the one that barely meets the neck, and it is a standing collar. Mandarin collar scrubs have a classy look and minimalist style, and they’ll look appealing to you.

What is the history behind Mandarin scrubs?

Mandarin scrubs are scrubs that have a mandarin collar on them. The style of the mandarin collar originated in China after the Chinese military professionals started wearing mandarin collared shirts. Then it started a trend, and it took over the world, as everyone liked the mandarin collar. The Indian version of Mandarin is, “The Nehru Collar”. That’s how mandarin started to become popular, and it slowly seeped into the healthcare apparel world.

Why are Mandarin scrubs becoming more popular in the medical field?

Mandarin collared scrubs are becoming more popular in the medical field because they are versatile, give you a classy look, and it has a minimalist style to it. It makes you look appealing, cool and stylish.

What are some benefits of wearing Mandarin scrubs?

The benefits are many. It is stylish, makes you stand out from the crowd, makes you look appealing, it makes you look classy. You can never go wrong when wearing mandarin collar scrubs.

Can Mandarin scrubs be worn in all medical professions?

Mandarin collar scrubs can be worn by all medical professional's despite what field they are in. Mandarin is just a type of collar like a V-neck which is stylish and trendy. Make sure that you do not violate your hospital uniform policies. If your hospital allows you to wear mandarin collar scrubs, then go for it.

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