Know about What is Doctor Uniform Called

A doctor's uniform is called scrubs. It is a foundational garment that is a symbolic representation of commitment, expertise, and excellence. Scrubs is a fusion of fashion and functionality that has evolved. Let’s dive into the foundation of scrubs, components of medical scrubs, choosing the perfect scrubs, and why Knya stands out in the world of hospital uniforms.

The Foundation of Medical Identity: Scrubs

At the heart of every medical professional lies a hospital uniform called a scrub. Scrubs have evolved into a symbol of the healthcare industry’s commitment to hygiene, professionalism, and patient care.

Historical roots

Scrubs were originally intended to be used by surgeons to maintain a clean and sterile surgical area. But scrubs have transformed from being black and boring to being colorful, stylish, and functional.

Symbolism and significance

Scrubs are not just medical attire, they embody the responsibility, and dedication inherent in the medical profession. The clean and standardized appearance of the scrub builds a relationship of trust between the patient and the caregiver.

Evolution of style

At Knya, we understand the evolution of scrubs, and we are continually evolving your scrubs combining tradition, innovation, and style. The modern medical professional doesn't only want functionality in their scrubs, they want an identity, a sense of individuality. Knya scrubs provide modern medical professionals with a sense of identity and individuality in our collection of scrubs.

Components of Medical Scrubs

Scrub tops

A medical scrub consists of a top and a bottom. The scrub top features a V-neck and a mandarin collar, available in a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from. Knya scrub tops are crafted with high-quality fabric ensuring durability, breathability, and comfort throughout your shifts.

Scrub bottoms

Scrub bottoms are designed to compliment the scrub tops. These bottoms come with a drawstring for an adjustable fit and they also feature strategically placed pockets to carry your stuff without worrying about carrying your backpack.

Key features

  • Comfortable fabric: High-quality poly viscose fabric ensures breathability, lightweight feel, and functionality. Knya's scrubs prioritize comfort, confidence, and focus during demanding work hours.
  • Functional pockets: Strategically placed pockets allow easy access to tools and equipment. Knya's pockets are designed for functionality and accessibility, accommodating the practical needs of medical professionals.
  • Mobility and flexibility: Scrubs are designed to facilitate mobility and flexibility, crucial for professionals who need to move around frequently in a hospital setting.

How to Choose Perfect Scrubs

Choosing the perfect scrub is a personal choice. When choosing your scrubs make sure you’re considering comfort, functionality, and personal style. Look for scrubs crafted from high-quality fabrics like poly-viscose for breathability and durability. Make sure the scrubs provide ample pocket space for access to tools and equipment. Knya offers a range of styles, colors, and sizes to cater to individual preferences, allowing medical professionals to express their identity while adhering to professional standards.

Why to Buy Knya Scrubs

Knya is the most loved and trusted medical apparel brand in India. We take pride in providing scrubs, lab coat aprons, underscrubs, and scrub caps for men and women.

Knya’s scrubs and lab coats are highly durable, lightweight, and breathable. We understand your unique needs that is why we’ve crafted Knya scrubs that suit the different needs of medical professionals. You get a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from when you’re buying a scrub or a lab coat. With customizable options, you can choose to get your lab coats or scrubs embroidered which helps you stand out from the crowd and be seen. We’re committed to redefining medical apparel by offering scrubs, lab coat aprons, and underscrubs that blend fashion and function.


What is a doctor's uniform called?

A doctor's uniform is commonly referred to as "scrubs." These are specialized garments worn by medical professionals to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of contaminants in healthcare settings. Scrubs have evolved from simple, monochromatic attire to include a variety of styles, colors, and designs, reflecting the diverse needs and preferences of medical practitioners.

What is a doctor's coat called?

The distinctive white coat worn by doctors is commonly known as a "lab coat" or "doctor's coat." This iconic garment symbolizes authority, professionalism, and expertise in the medical field. Lab coats are often worn over regular clothing and serve both functional and symbolic purposes, contributing to the overall professional image of doctors.

What is the dress that doctors wear?

The dress that doctors commonly wear is a set of garments known as "scrubs." These typically include a matching top and bottom, designed for comfort, ease of movement, and hygiene in medical settings. Scrubs have become a standard uniform for doctors, reflecting a commitment to cleanliness and professionalism while providing practical features for the demanding nature of their work.

What is a nurse uniform called?

The uniform worn by nurses is also commonly referred to as "scrubs." Similar to doctor's scrubs, nurse uniforms are designed for functionality, comfort, and hygiene. These garments play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and sterile environment in healthcare settings, and they are available in various styles, colors, and designs to accommodate the diverse roles within nursing.

What distinguishes medical scrubs from regular clothing?

Medical scrubs serve a distinct purpose compared to regular clothing. While regular clothes are designed for daily wear and self-expression, scrubs are specialized uniforms tailored for healthcare settings. The key differences lie in their design, functionality, and materials. Scrubs prioritize features such as comfortable and breathable fabric, strategic pocket placement, and easy mobility. The specific colors and styles of scrubs adhere to industry standards and contribute to maintaining a hygienic environment.

How have modern scrubs evolved to meet the changing needs of medical professionals?

Modern scrubs have evolved significantly to align with the dynamic requirements of the healthcare industry. Originally, scrubs were simple monochromatic attire, primarily worn by surgeons for cleanliness in operating rooms. In contemporary times, modern scrubs offer a fusion of fashion and functionality. They come in diverse colors, styles, and sizes, allowing medical professionals to express their identity while adhering to industry standards.