What are Scrubs Clothing: Get Detailed Overview about Scrubs

Scrubs clothing is the most essential piece of clothing in the healthcare industry. They’re worn by doctors, medical professionals, and medical students. In this guide, we’ll discover the essence of scrub clothing, types of scrubs, functionality, and features, maintaining your scrubs, and challenges of scrub clothing.

What are Scrubs 

In the world of medicine, scrubs aren’t just a piece of clothing, they’re a symbol of dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence and safety. Originally worn by surgeons in the early 20th century, scrubs as a uniform have undergone a lot of changes. Today, scrubs cater to the diverse needs of medical professionals and stand as a testament to fashion and functionality.

Scrubs are garments worn by medical professionals to protect themselves from infections and contamination present in the hospital environment. Scrubs started as a simple monochromatic attire, but now they’re available in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. We at Knya understand the importance of the evolution of scrubs and our scrubs embody the perfect amalgamation of tradition, innovation, and style.

Types of Scrubs

The distinction between traditional scrubs and modern scrubs lives in their colors, style, and collars. Let’s discuss this in detail:

A. Traditional Scrubs

  1. Tops: Traditional scrub tops feature a V-neck collar. The use of a V-neck in the traditional designs of the top offers ease of movement and comfort by offering simplicity and functionality. At Knya, we’ve created your traditional scrubs with high-quality fabric, ensuring durability, and breathability without compromising on functionality.
  1. Bottoms: Knya bottoms compliment their tops. They usually come with a drawstring to adjust for a perfect fit. With a focus on functionality, our scrub bottoms have ample pocket space to keep your necessary stuff without worrying about storage space. Knya’s scrub bottoms combine functionality, with a sleek and professional design that makes you look professional.
  1. Unisex Designs: Unisex designs are suitable for all body types. These scrubs are designed to fit well, so you can focus on your job, by also prioritizing comfort and ease of wear to the medical professionals.

B. Modern Scrubs

  1. Fashionable Variations: Modern scrubs are all about embracing fashion trends, these scrubs incorporate trends that make your scrubs available in different colors, styles, and sizes. With modern scrubs, you can represent your true identity while also maintaining the professional standards of the medical industry. Our modern scrubs seamlessly blend fashion and functionality.
  1. Customization Options: Individuality is very important, that’s why modern scrubs come with the option for customization. You can add a touch of uniqueness and a personal touch by embroidering your name, logo, or icons on your scrubs and making yourself stand out from the crowd.
  1. Specialty Scrubs: Our scrubs are available to different specialties, like pediatricians, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, etc. Knya scrubs are designed to cater to the different preferences and needs of different medical professionals.

Functionality and Features of Scrubs

Scrubs are not just a uniform, they’re a commitment to excellence and your dedication to the medical profession. Scrubs are designed with functionality at the forefront, these functions or features not only enhance your workwear but boost your confidence, performance, and comfort. Let's take a look at the different features of scrubs:

  • Comfortable fabric

This is one of the key features of scrubs. The use of comfortable fabric allows you to feel comfortable, confident, and focused on your work. The comfortable fabric that is used in Knya scrubs is high-quality poly viscose fabric. This fabric makes your scrubs breathable, lightweight, and functional, boosting your comfort and confidence.

  • Functional pockets

Scrubs are designed with strategically placed pockets that allow you to have easy access to all your tools and equipment. The pockets are also designed to be functional and easily accessible. 

  • Mobility and flexibility

Scrubs also allow for mobility and flexibility for medical professionals. As you’ll have to move around in the hospital frequently, scrubs are designed to allow ease of movement and flexibility that makes it easy for medical professionals to move around.

Maintaining and Caring for Scrubs

Ensuring the longevity of your scrubs involves more than routine washing. Knya advocates for proper care and maintenance, emphasizing adherence to cleanliness standards. By following care instructions diligently, you contribute to the durability and vibrancy of your scrubs.

Materials and Design of Scrubs

Quality matters, and at Knya, we’re focused on quality. Our scrubs, and lab coats are crafted from premium fabric that ensures durability, functionality, and breathability. Knya scrubs are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. We’re redefining your expectations with medical attire, by giving your scrubs and lab coats that blend style and function with ease.

Challenges in Scrub Clothing

There are many challenges in scrub clothing, like adherence to colors, scrubs not being able to control or prevent infections, and many more. At Knya we take on these challenges, and we’re ready to face them with new designs, better quality, and higher quality of fabric. Our scrubs ensure infection control and prevention, durability, style, and function.

Future of Scrub Clothing

Scrubs will continue evolving into more stylish, functional, and fashionable pieces of uniform. The focus of scrubs is slowly shifting from being a medical uniform to becoming a fashion statement. We at Knya are proud to be a part of this evolution and we will continue to design scrubs to meet your ever-changing needs and demands of your medical attire. 


Where did Scrubs Originate?

Scrubs originated in the early 20th century, initially introduced for surgeons to maintain cleanliness in the operating room. Over time, they evolved to become standard attire for various medical professionals.

Can Scrubs Be Worn Outside of Work?

While scrubs are primarily designed for the healthcare setting, they've gained popularity as comfortable casual wear. However, wearing scrubs outside of work should be done thoughtfully, considering hygiene and professional norms.

How Often Should Scrubs Be Replaced?

Scrubs should be replaced regularly, especially if they show signs of wear, tear, or stains. Healthcare professionals should follow institutional guidelines for scrub replacement to ensure a polished and professional appearance.

Are There Fashion Guidelines for Scrubs?

While there may not be strict fashion rules, it's essential to choose scrubs that adhere to your institution's dress code. Knya's fashionable variations allow professionals to express their style within these guidelines.

What are scrubs in clothes?

Scrubs, in the context of clothing, refer to specialized uniforms worn by medical professionals. They are designed for comfort, functionality, and hygiene in the demanding healthcare environment.

What's the difference between scrubs and regular clothes?

The key difference lies in the purpose and design. Scrubs are specialized uniforms for healthcare settings, featuring practical designs, specific colors, and high-quality materials tailored to the demands of the profession.

Why do people wear scrubs?

People wear scrubs, primarily healthcare professionals, to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in medical settings. The use of scrubs helps prevent the spread of contaminants and reflects a commitment to professionalism.