The Complete Guide for Getting Your Knya Scrubs and Lab Coats Customized

Wearing customized scrubs or embroidered lab coat has been a trend lately.

A lot of medical professionals get their name, icon, or even a logo embroidered on their lab coats or medical scrub suits.

Wonder what makes personalization/customization the most sought-after choice?

Why Personalization Matters?

It gives you an identity:

Getting your scrubs or lab coats customized gives you an identity. Imagine a situation where the patients are just calling you a “doctor” or a “nurse”, they don’t know your name.

In that situation, there’s another person whose medical scrub or lab coat apron is customized, they call that person by their name.

Your name gives you an identity, wear it on your medical scrub suit or lab coat apron.

It looks appealing:

Getting your scrub suits or lab coats embroidered makes you look appealing. On your scrub or lab coat, you can customize an attention-grabbing icon, a logo, or even your name in appealing fonts that make it look appealing.

This small touch of embroidery will make you stand out from the crowd and be seen by other people.

You get noticed:

You get compliments.

Wherever you go, in your embroidered medical scrubs or lab coats you get noticed.

Because of the appealing fonts, icons and logos, this makes you mark your own identity, and it also boosts your confidence.

So, that’s why most people choose to get their scrubs or lab coats customized.

The Complete Guide To Getting Your Knya Scrubs or Lab Coats Embroidered

Now, if you’re interested in getting yourKnya scrub suits or lab coats customized then here is the complete guide:

1. Choose your scrub or lab coat

Knya has a wide range of scrubs and lab coats to choose from.

You can get scrubs that are:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

Not only this but also get scrubs suits that are visually appealing, and available in different colours.

Our scrubs are available for both men and women.

Or if you’re interested in buying a white pristine lab coat that makes you look stylish, professional and highly trustworthy.

Then you can choose lab coats that are:

  • Highly durable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Makes you look highly professional

So, choose your scrub suit or the lab coat of your choice.

2. There is an option for embroidery

After you’re done with your choice of medical scrubs or lab coat there will be an option for embroidery on the right-hand side of the page called, “Tap for customer embroidery”

Do what it says, tap that, you’ll be presented with a plethora of options to choose from to get your scrubs or lab coats embroidered.

You'll get the option to embroider your:

1. Name

You can get your name embroidered on the left side of the scrub or lab coat. You can also choose the colour of embroidery of your name, with colours such as:

  • Black
  • White
  • Wild Pink
  • Scholastic Gold
  • Red

You also get the option to choose the font style of your name in Block, or Script.

2. Icons/Logo

There is another option that is called, “Icon/Logo

Icons/Logos are generally embroidered on the right side of your scrub suit or lab coat. You can choose any one of the icons given below to get it embroidered on your scrubs or lab coat:

  • Red Caduceus
  • White Caduceus
  • New Caduceus
  • Red Stethoscope
  • Happy Tooth
  • Tooth
  • Heart
  • Scalpel
  • Ekg
  • Proud Indian

Below the icons, there is an option called, “Add custom logo”

That means you can get the logo of your choice customized on the scrub or lab coat.

If you’re interested in getting your choice of custom logo on your scrubs or lab coat then you can select that option and upload the sample in PNG/JPG, or JPEG format.

3. Best of both worlds

If you want the name and icon customized on your Knya scrub suit or lab coat there is another option present on the right side called, “Both”

Here you’ll be presented with the options for logos, icons and names.

Personalize your scrubs and lab coats with Knya today. Explore our customization options and make your medical attire uniquely yours.