Top 9 Benefits of Medical Scrubs for Doctors

From hygiene to comfort to genial fashion, medical scrubs can be deemed important within the medical working environments for a number of reasons.

At first glance, the benefits of Scrub wear for Doctors might seem minimal or practically dismissible but this blog will help you understand in depth why they are necessary. Believe it or not, even researches and studies have shown what doctors wear matters a lot to patients! We’ve compiled a list of 9 benefits medical scrubs for doctors rake in. Let’s start!

Safety and Well-being

The health of doctors and healthcare workers cannot ever be discounted. Working in hospitals and healthcare basically demands utmost care and a huge responsibility to be available on demand, every time. The need to be safe and comfortable thus, is fundamental. For those who are surrounded by bacteria, infectious and antimicrobial agents on a daily basis continuously trudge on a path between staying healthy and falling sick. Scrubs are better than regular clothes because working in regular clothes give little to no protection to doctors or prevents them from contracting infections and wounds while they operate in otherwise sterilized surroundings. Quality scrubs reduce the risk of cross-contamination and spread of germs. !

Professionalism and Identification

Medical scrubs have largely become the standard uniform across hospitals and clinics worldwide. Because medical experts are required to wear scrubs, distinguishing them and the patients at the hospital is now easier than ever. Uniforms also increases the professionalism of a workplace and helps promote a sense of team spirit. Along the years, scrubs have given a virtuous identity to doctors, nurses and healthcare workers alike besides acting like a symbol of trust and assurance of safety to patients. !

Most professionals now follow color-coded medical scrubs to improve the hospital’s business image and distinguish departments or layers of the healthcare worker within the establishment. Many take particular colors or styled scrub suits to endorse their particular hospital’s brand. Besides, most patients upon review perceive properly-dressed doctors in long coat pant as more hygienic and trustworthy.

Lasting Protection and Unparalleled Hygiene

Made from extra-durable materials, scrubs are sturdy and specially designed to withstand the rigorous cleaning practices hospitals use to keep staff and patients safe. Cleaning medical scrubs need to follow strict hygiene protocols that ensures all pants lab coats are sterilized and disinfected before use. For patients safety, it is also advised to change scrub suits multiple times a day

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Comfort Comes First

Doctors and nurses undoubtedly have the most physically straining jobs on the planet. They are always on their feet and so comfort matters.

To perform complicated jobs efficiently, doctors need to wear uniforms that give them sufficient room. Scrubs comprise of stretchable and comfortable loose-fitting pant with elasticized waistbands and lose breathable shirts allowing unrestricted movement for bending, moving heavy beds and so on. Highly flexible, the material used to make scrubs are usually of very high quality and look trendy too. One would say the following is the ultimate checklist of an efficient scrub suit

  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial scrubs that absorb moisture
  • Highly comfortable yet stylish
  • Maximize the performance by being soft, breathable and sturdy
  • Unisex and stretchable that come in multiple sizes
  • Long lasting and durable

Inexpensive, Reusable and Durable

There is a slight distinction between scrubs suits in the health industry – Surgical and Medical. Surgical scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub sets, lab coats, scrub jackets, accessories are generally made with lighter fabric that can be easily and frequently replaced whereas medical scrubs are made of more durable higher quality fabric that’s meant to be reworn over long stretches of time. Medical scrubs are the more standard use scrub suit. Hence, disposable or not, medical scrubs are one of the most important investments you as a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional can make. Fast to change into, pocket-friendly, these scrubber suits will be your buddy for years

Practical And Functional Dress Code


Can you imagine yourself struggling to bring their stethoscopes, masks, scalpel, pens, scissors, wipes, and other accessories in your hand as they enter the emergency room? With the number of things they need to carry and only two hands, medical workers need to rely on extra help from their pockets for additional space, constantly on the move while carrying around the fore mentioned set of utilities. Medical uniforms cater to this need with a minimum of 3 pockets for functional design. Scrubs can also be found in various sizes and shapes to accommodate any body shape.

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Easy On the Eyes

Anybody in a hospital setting is bound to feel anxious or atleast a little uneasy. And while there’s no definitive proof that people respond in particular ways to certain colors, some colors are just better than the others from an emotional psychology point of view when it comes to inside hospitals. Uniforms for a reason, colored medical scrub suits have meanings behind their respective shades and are mostly selected to avoid eye strain. Within operating rooms, stark colors against white lights, white walls, and white floors can cause a doctor's eyes to hurt and become weary. Blue and green are the most popular scrub colors since they conceal blood stains more effectively than other colors. The reason for this is that blue is able to evoke feelings of calm and an overall feeling of confidence from certain people, whereas the color green brings calm emotions and a feeling of peace and growth. Black scrubs symbolize professionalism and give off signs of competence, while pink and burgundy are frequently worn by health professionals who work with children.

Professional yet Trendy

As mentioned above, originally, scrubs were either white, pale blue, or pale green in color, however, nowadays scrubs are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and types. For some, brown is practical, down to business, and trustworthy, while yellow brings thoughts of warmth and sunshine. The only scrub color that healthcare workers and doctors especially stay clear, of is red. While individual reactions may differ, Red is heavily associated with blood and danger which is why it's seldomly worn or avoided by medical professionals. Adding pop of colour with different styles and embroidery work or motifs make these uniforms unique, fun and stylish.



Quick and Consistent

When doctors and nurses know exactly what to wear, they can get ready instantly. And in sharp looking apparel from Knya, health workers are sure to feel confident and charged for yet another action-packed day.

Now that we know why medical scrubs are considered as the standard clothing for medical professionals, If you are impressed by these benefits and are considering buying medical scrub suits, Knya is your go-to destination. From small to plus, Xl sizes, we cater to every professional medical worker's need for their comfortable scrubs and more. Check out our new arrivals, and bestsellers, and pick your favorite type and color of the scrub suit list. Psst.. we also work on custom uniforms for special requests. Check us out!

Still curious about the nitty grittiest of scrub wear? Here are some FAQs we’ve covered.


What is a medical scrub? Who should wear them?

Scrubs are the sanitary clothes used by nurses, doctors, and other staff members that provide patient care in hospitals. Scrubs are easy garments that don't have many places contaminations can settle. Easily washable and inexpensive, scrubs are simply replaceable in case they become they are damaged, stained or irreparably soiled.

What are surgical scrubs used for? Why are clean uniforms important?

In technical terms, medical scrubs act as a fence blocking microorganisms from the doctor’s body to come in contact with the patient and vice versa. The long-sleeved attire with a head cap minimises microbial shedding and protects the healthcare worker from harmful fluid and tissue. These medical uniforms in turn prevent contamination of normal clothes from blood and other hospital chemicals and fluids.

Why are doctors scrubs blue?

Doctors typically dress in navy blue scrubs to help distinguish themselves from others in the field of medical professionals more easily. Navy blue scrubs give an atmosphere of peace and serenity yet are typical and peculiar. The well-known color is also said to conceal most stains and spills that happen in the course of the everyday life of medical professionals. It’s a total win-win!