Men and Women’s Unisex Medical and Nursing Scrub Set

Unisex Medical and Nursing Scrub Set

With the emergence of a global pandemic, 2020, shed some indispensable light on unsung soldiers, warriors and defenders. Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear KNYA Med scrub sets. And we at KNYA Med are on a mission to provide these heroes with high-performance medical attire to assist with their heroics. In modern medical history - stylish, breathable and comfortable medical scrubs are slowly replacing the conventional ‘white coats, round glasses and stethoscopes around the neck’ images of healthcare professionals.

A 5-year-old child drawing a car, almost always colours it red – such is the effect of Ferrari TM, we aim to be the same with our unisex scrub sets. We aim for KNYA Med to be synonymous with medical scrub sets. Our research towards our fabric technology and design has impacted our choice of breathable fabrics, our designs, style and comfort. We intend to create the best and most practical unisex scrubs, after all medical scrubs are now analogous with the identity of healthcare practitioners.

Some of the men and women scrubs we boast about are our Classic 5-Pocket New Gen, Classic 9-Pocket Movement and the EcoFlex 8-Pocket Essential in a range of colours. Our shades include maroon, navy, dark green, black, midnight blue, steel grey, hot pink, pastel lilac, marble grey, ceil blue and wine.

Men And Women Scrubs
    1. Classic 5-Pocket New Gen

The new-gen unisex scrub set features three pockets in the top and the pant possesses two side seam pockets on each side. The pockets are thoughtfully designed for your pen, mobiles, stethoscopes, notepads and other essentials. This is a perfect nursing scrub set suitable for your daily superhero needs!

Classic 9-Pocket Movement Scrubs
    1. Classic 9-Pocket Movement

These carefully engineered medical scrubs are a perfect alternative to a bag pack so you have everything you need at the tips of your fingers. This scrub set possesses three chest pockets with a pen slot on the top. The pants have two side seam pockets as well as two cargo pockets. The pockets are thoughtfully designed so you never have to choose between carrying your notepad and your mobile.

  1. EcoFlex 8-Pocket Essential

The EcoFlex technology uses 100% recycled polyester made from PET bottles found in ocean waste. It has one of the lowest carbon footprints and aims to create more sustainable unisex scrub sets. Every act has an impact on the environment and every choice has a consequence, and this is our initiative towards a more sustainable brand. This scrub set has a v-neckline and a supportive style. These medical scrubs have a chest patch pocket, two welt pockets with a hidden phone pocket, two-seam pockets and two cargo pockets. These nursing scrubs are wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking and odour resistant. The fabric used for these unisex scrubs is super soft, has a four-way stretch and ultra-durable. The scrub set also promises superior colour continuity. All KNYA Med products are laboratory tested with BTRA.

The fabric used in all our men’s and women’s scrubs is backed by technology and research to ensure all-day comfort during long shifts for our superheroes. They also provide mobility and flexibility while having a professional aesthetic and structure and are soft as a feather. The relaxed fit and breathability of the fabric are an added bonus. Least to say our scrub sets are long shifts verified!

And the most exciting feature of them, custom embroidered scrubs. Now, you can order embroidered scrub tops with your name or anything you’d like to make your super-suit unique!

With 2,532,456 pieces of medical apparel from our brand, now adorning professionals all over the country and more, we promise to continue working towards making our medical attire better and more sustainable.

In the 60s and 70s, medical scrub sets became popular as it became easier to spot medical staff and they also prevented both healthcare staff and patients from getting infections and provided doctors and nurses protection against bodily fluids. While our scrub sets protect our heroes and help them stand out, we hope we do justice to their super-suits.

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