Medical Scrub Suits And Why Are They Important?

Medical Scrub Suits

Medical scrubs suits are an important part of a medical professional's (medico) life. It provides adequate protection to doctors and nurses in an environment which can be filled with infections. Scrub suits play a crucial role to protect and support medicos. 


Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Wear Medical Scrub Suits

Suitable for Long Hours

Medicos work 60+ hours a week. The job demands extreme physical and mental strain on the body. The job ranges from attending to patients to pushing stretchers between wards. To keep up with these long hours filled with mobility, scrubs suits are crucial to enhance performance. While performing these challenging tasks, scrubs suits will not only keep medicos comfortable but also make them “feel good”. New-age brands like Knya provide Scrub Suits with a ton of storage; some of the designs have 9 pockets!

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Medical Scrub Suits combat the infection and viruses

Apart from the hectic schedule of healthcare workers, they work in an environment that can be highly contagious. Medical scrub suits are made in a way that they can combat the spreading of viruses and other infections which can most probably be contaminated by the patients in the hospital. It is not just the safety of medical professionals but also a matter of public health. A scrub suit must be handled with utmost care and cleaned with the same importance which will be given to the other medical linen. Knya Scrub Suits are durable and can sustain autoclavable washing as well.

Comfort is good, with fashion is great

Be it casual clothing or a scrub suit, feeling comfortable while wearing a uniform is important as it helps one be productive and functional during your work hours. But, what if the comfort level can also be fashionable? Just like all other professionals, even medicos deserve the urge to dress up with some fun colours. Today, brands like Knya have launched unique colours like Hot pink, Wine, and Pastel Lilac, which have been received well by medicos across India. Knya gives medicos the opportunity to Buy Scrub Suits Online. In addition, these Scrub Suits are available for men scrubs and women scrubs.

Psychological relief for patients

When a patient is admitted to a hospital, especially in a special care ward, a doctor or nurse wearing banal designs and colours might create a negative impact on the minds of the patient. Wearing Scrubs which are designed and fitted well, can have a positive representation on the patient

Identity is key

The scrub suits have made it easier for people to identify a medical professional on the hospital premises without any sense of confusion. Doctors and Nurses wear medical uniforms with a sense of pride, similar to servicemen and women. Medical scrubs suits are a vital part of the lives of healthcare professionals. R&D is an important part of Knya’s process to deliver the best hospital scrub suits. Buy a scrub suit online at Knya with a free in-home trial for 7 days.


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