Mandarin Scrubs vs. Traditional Scrubs: What's the Difference?

Mandarin Scrubs vs. Traditional Scrubs: What's the Difference?

There are many types of medical scrubs available in the market. Out of those many types of medical scrubs the most popular ones are the V-neck and mandarin collar ones. 

As medical professionals require great medical scrubs to look great, work at their best and feel confident, scrubs have evolved from the old boring boxy scrubs to the visually appealing look that makes the wearer of the scrub stand out. 

Now, let’s discuss what are mandarin and traditional scrubs: 

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What are Mandarin scrubs?

Mandarin scrubs are medical scrubs that has mandarin/chinse collar attached to it. The mandarin collar gives a professional and cool look and is a versatile collar. It is minimalist, stylish and simple to wear for medical professionals. 

Mandarin collar gives off a simple, stylish and cleaner look to the wearer. 

Any medical professional wanting to upgrade their medical scrubs style from V-neck (traditional) medical scrubs to one that makes them look appealing and stylish can opt for mandarin collared medical scrubs. 

What are traditional scrubs?

Traditional scrubs are medical scrubs that have a V-neck or rounded neck. These types of medical scrubs are a traditional design, and often look boring and lack any visual appeal. 

You can look good in a V-neck, or in mandarin collar scrubs it depends on person to person. 

The traditional scrub has the features the mandarin collar scrubs have, but the only difference is the collar. 

Let’s talk about the similarities between the Mandarin and traditional scrubs:


Mandarin collared scrubs, and V-neck (traditional) scrubs are both made from the same blend of fabric called poly-viscose. This makes the scrub long-lasting, comfortable, lightweight and breathable.


Another similarity these two medical scrubs have is the number of pockets. These scrubs range from 5-10 pockets. You can wear these scrubs and use their pockets to hold your in-hospital belongings. 


As mandarin collared scrubs and traditional ones are made from the same fabric material, they’re comfortable. Comfort is what every medical professional wants when it comes to the scrubs they wear. So, these scrubs, be they traditional or mandarin collared scrubs, offer unbeatable comfort. 


These scrubs are long-lasting. The material used in these scrubs makes mandarin or traditional scrubs stand out and withstand the ever-changing and challenging weather conditions. 


With an added option of embroidery/personalization of both of these types of scrubs, you can make yourself stand out and look appealing. 

These scrubs offer personalized embroidery, you can get your name, logo, or icon embroidered on the scrubs with high-quality threads and make yourself look great in it. 

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What are the Differences between traditional and Mandarin scrubs:

The only difference as stated above is the collar. Traditional scrubs are V-neck collars and Chinese collar scrubs are mandarin collars. 


V-neck gives you a different look than rounded neck, it never comes between bending, or running, and it gives you an appealing look. 

Mandarin collar

Mandarin collar scrubs also known as Chinese collar scrubs are standing collars that barely meet the neck. It has a minimalist style; a cool look and it is versatile. 

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What are Mandarin scrubs?

Mandarin scrubs are Chinese collar scrubs. The collar is a standing collar, which barely meets the neck. It is called the Chinese collar because the Chinese military first started wearing this and then from there the trend began.

How are Mandarin scrubs different from traditional scrubs?

As most of the features are similar, the only difference is in the collar. V-neck collar is the traditional scrubs, and mandarin scrubs are the Chinese collar scrubs. Both look good, depending on person to person.