How to Remove Stain from Lab Coat

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Washing stains off your apron coat is hard. During your shift, you’re exposed to blood, stains, and liquid medicines that get spilled on your lab coat which leads to more stains.

A clean white medical apron/lab coat be it long or small, displays professionalism. A clean and pristine lab coat builds trust, and you get seen as an authority.

But if you’re unable to remove stains from your lab coat, the opposite happens. You don’t get trusted by your patients, you don’t get looked up to as an authority, and it’s also not professional.

But this guide will help you keep your medical apron/lab coat as clean as you can.

For medical apron/lab coats, even when they are not stained it is important to wash them from time to time, as the apron coats accumulate dirt, and microbes and these are not usually visible through the eyes.

Therefore, it is advised to use disposable gloves while washing your medical lab/apron coats.

Here are the ways you can remove stains from your lab coat:


Removing Ink Stains From Your Apron Coat

Sometimes ink can get spilled on your white, pristine lab coat and it gets really annoying. The white lab coat starts looking white with patches of blue or black, or whatever color of pen you use.

But here’s what you can do to wash the ink out of your lab coat.

Get a paper towel, alcohol rubs, and your ink-stained lab coat.

Keep your medical apron coat over the paper towel, and blot the stained area with alcohol rubs.

Watch the stain go away, and then wash your lab coat immediately.

But if the ink stain doesn’t go away, use a stain remover.

Removing Blood Stains From Your Lab Coat

Blood has proteins in it, and these proteins if not washed immediately, get deeper into your lab coat, and contaminate your apron/lab coat.

Whenever blood gets spilled on your lab coat, remove it ASAP.

Use cold water to remove the blood stains as hot water pushes the blood protein deeper into your fabric and it’ll be harder to remove it later.

If it doesn’t work, use a stronger detergent to break the stain.

Remove Vomit & Urine Stains

Stains from vomit, urine has proteins too.

You can’t just put your medical apron coats in the wash with these kinds of stains.

Please do not try to remove these stains by rubbing them, as it will further push the proteins deeper into the cloth.

It is advised to use a knife, or a disposable spoon to remove these kinds of stains, and please do not hold your lab coats close to your face while removing these stains.

Wash your medical apron coat with cold water for 10-15 minutes after removing the stain with a heavy detergent.

You can also add baking soda to remove the smell from these stains.

Turn Apron Coats Inside Out

When washing with a heavy detergent all clothes can get discolored. Your apron coats will also lose their durability and appearance.

Turning your medical apron coats inside out when washing prevents discoloration of your apron coats.

So, these were the tips you can use to remove stains from your laboratory coats.

If you’re looking to buy lab coats, make sure you buy the right one.

What is the right one?

The lab coat is made from poly-viscose fabrics, with deep pocket placements, and a lab coat that has your name embroidered on it.

Poly-viscose makes your lab coat durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking.
Deep pockets make it easy for you to carry all your equipment with ease.
And embroidery just adds flair to your white pristine lab coat.

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