How to Choose a Stethoscope? Matching Your Medical Education Level

Choosing a stethoscope can be a big task. There are different types of stethoscopes out there depending on speciality, and all work differently. Keeping this in mind you might get overwhelmed when it comes to buying your next or first stethoscope.  

The stethoscope is one of the most important instruments in the medical field. It is also referred to as jewellery worn by medicos/doctors. Its purpose and significance can never be ignored.  

But have you ever wondered why a stethoscope is used? It is used to hear the sounds produced by the heart, lungs, and intestinal tract. 

So, getting a good quality stethoscope is one of the most important things, as a bad quality stethoscope can produce bad quality sounds from the hearts, lungs, and intestinal and this can lead to inaccuracies during the diagnosis. 

But when you’re buying a stethoscope you must know about the type of stethoscope you’re buying.  

Here are the types of stethoscopes:

Cardiology stethoscope:

It has a great acoustic quality and it cancels out unnecessary noise. It is also known as the acoustic stethoscope. It delivers accurate sound to the ear and it is good for accurate diagnosis.  


This is another type of stethoscope used by pediatricians, it is generally small in size and is in attractive colors to grab the attention of children. 

Electronic stethoscope:

This is another type of stethoscope that converts sound waves into electrical waves. It avoids inaccuracies during the diagnosis.  

These were the types of stethoscopes, you could buy during your medical school.   

How to choose the right/good stethoscope:

Choosing a good quality stethoscope is not easy. You'll find endless brands saying that their stethoscope is the best. It is advised that you buy a stethoscope from a reputed brand so that the stethoscope doesn’t cause misdiagnosis from your side.  

You can buy different sets of stethoscopes and experiment on your own to decide what stethoscope suits your needs.

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What are the different types of stethoscopes available for different education levels?

When you’re a medical student you might be told to use the acoustic stethoscope. You can buy any stethoscope from a good brand, the type doesn’t make any big of a difference. But based on the working of the stethoscope, there are two types of stethoscope: • Cardiology stethoscope • Neonatal stethoscope • Pediatric stethoscope • Electronic stethoscope • Teaching stethoscope

How does the quality of sound and acoustics differ between stethoscope models?

There are many types of stethoscopes out there in the market and the quality differs vastly. A good quality stethoscope can give a good reading of the sounds emerging from the heart chambers, lungs and intestinal tracts, but a bad one can give inaccurate readings and might lead to incorrect diagnosis.

Can I customize or upgrade my stethoscope as I progress in my medical career?

Yes, you can customise and upgrade your stethoscope as you progress in your career. You have the option to engrave your name or initials on the chest piece, you can add an icon, name, or even color on the tubing of the stethoscope in different colors to make it look great.