Give Your Lab Coats and Scrubs - Custom Embroidery of Names and Logos

Embroidered Lab Coats And Custom Scrubs for Men & Women

Be it medical scrubs for men & women or lab coats for students, lab coats and scrubs have become increasingly popular in the medical field.

One of the first reasons people get their doctor scrubs embroidered is because it looks awesome!

The embroidery gives the scrubs or the lab coats a unique design and makes your medical apparel look good.

Another reason people get their lab coats or medical scrubs embroidered is that it makes them stand out at work.

Wearing an embroidered medical uniform makes you look different, and embroidered logos or names with different designs or fonts give you a unique look.

These embroidered scrubs and lab coats add flair to your boring outfits.

But, Why Knya?

Our scrubs & lab coats are designed to make your job easier!

But we also offer custom embroidery on lab coats and scrubs for nurses, doctors, and students at hospitals and clinics.

When you order custom-embroidered scrubs and lab coats from us, you'll never need to settle for anything less than perfection.

All of our medical scrubs and lab coats are customs embroidered using high-quality thread and vibrant colors.

We use only the best materials and equipment to ensure your initials and logos look perfect every time.

Displaying your name and your occupation on your medical scrubs or lab coats is one of the best ways of wearing your identity on your chest.

Embroidery on scrubs or lab coats gives it a finishing touch like no other.

Our embroidered lab coats and custom scrubs are made with a high level of excellence.
Wear your MBBS or logo proudly using Knya’s exceptional embroidery.

Here’s How Our Embroidery Process Works


Suppose you want to buy a stylish scrub, or a sturdy lab coat that looks good, fits great, and makes you look appealing while doing your job.

You see we offer you an embroidery option when you’re buying your scrub or a lab coat. You place an order and click add embroidery.

You add your name, icon/logo, according to your choice.

We have different icons available to highlight your profession on your scrub or a lab coat.

You can get embroidered the icon of:

  • Caduceus
  • Happy Tooth
  • Stethoscope
  • Baby Giraffe
  • Bottle
  • Paw

You can choose the icon/logo, name placement, font, and colors of your choice.
From here on, you can relax, and let us work the magic of our embroidery on your lab coat, or scrub.


According to your selection of embroidery, a sample artwork is generated, automatically or manually, then that sample artwork is forwarded in and as a sticker with your scrub to the embroidery unit.


Don’t worry, we won’t knock out your scrubs, like Mike Tyson. We punch it with love.
The embroidery punching process starts from the selection of high-quality threads to planning the design of the embroidery on your scrub after studying the artwork.

Then the magic happens, the embroidery machine punches the embroidery on your scrub or the lab coat, until we can see your name, icon/logo, printed on the scrub.

Quality Check

We are committed to quality because we are committed to your satisfaction.

After the embroidery of your scrubs or lab coats is done, we do the quality check, ensuring the name, logo/icon is embroidered correctly, and according to your selection and the artwork generated.

After the quality check is passed, we package your custom embroidered lab coats or scrubs for dispatch.

Our embroidery process ensures that you have top-quality, embroidery of your name, and logo, done on your scrubs and lab coats.

We have come a long way in constantly improving, and excelling in our embroidery process.

Answering the above question, “Why, Knya?”
That’s why.
We’re committed to quality, be it with our scrubs, lab coats, compression socks, or surgical caps.

This is our way of giving back to medical professionals.

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