Essential Medical School Supplies: A Guide to Start Your Journey Right

Medical school is a thrilling and challenging endeavor. First, there is a huge anticipation of becoming a doctor and learning many new things.

But becoming a medical professional has its own set of challenges.

There are many challenges that you will have to face along the way. Like the stress of studies, increasing workload, and dealing with your seniors or consultants.

To start your medical school with ease, you need the right kind of medical supplies.

You cannot overlook the importance of being well-prepared as a medical student.

You need the right tools and materials because the right tools and materials have a direct impact on your comfort and well-being in your med-school journey.

In this post we’ll guide you to make the right choices when it comes to buying your med school essentials:

Must-Have Med School Essentials

1. Scrubs

Scrubs are one of the most important things you should never ignore. If you want to feel confident, do your best, and not get tired then you need scrubs that you love.

One of the benefits of scrubs is that they protect you from bacteria and viruses in the hospital environment, while at the same time making you feel comfortable.

But you just don’t need any scrub.

You need a Knya scrub.

Crafted from a brand of premium fabric called poly-viscose, Knya’s scrubs andlab coats are moisture-wicking, lightweight, breathable and anti-wrinkle.

Plus, both Knya’s lab coat and scrubs are:

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-odour
  • Has huge storage space in pockets

If you want to choose the right size and style for your Knya scrub or lab coat then you can take a look at our size chart available on our product page.

2. Medical Equipment and Supplies

A. Stethoscope

You cannot ignore the need for a high-quality stethoscope. The stethoscope is used by many medical students, and it is one of the most important equipment in medicine.

There are many brands available in the market that have the best quality stethoscope.

One that many medical students find helpful and high quality is the3M Littman stethoscope.

B. Lab coat

You need a white pristine lab coat to shine in the OT, during your shifts and also during your off shifts. A lab coat protects you against bacteria and viruses, it acts as a shield, so you can stay healthy while taking care of others' health.

A lab coat makes you look highly professional and trustworthy in front of the patients and also your seniors.

But not just any lab coat.

You need a proper lab coat, that makes you put you’re game on, and focus on your job.

You need a lab coat that fits you well, so you can stay comfortable.

You need a lab coat that is breathable, and long-lasting.

You need a lab coat that gives you an identity

You need a Knya lab coat.

Study Materials and Gadgets

A. Textbooks

Textbooks are the most important things to buy before your medical school starts. But you need a textbook in which the complicated concepts are discussed in an easy-to-read and understandable manner.

Here are the most essential medical textbooks you can read:

  1. Ganong physiology
  2. Costanzo
  3. Histology by IB Singh
  4. Embryology by IB Singh

But textbooks aren’t enough. You need a gadget to keep up with the medical notes. You can use laptops, and tablets for note-taking.

You can use any gadget that works well for students. We currently do not have any recommendations. You just need a laptop with a good operating system or a tablet with a good memory and operating system.

V. Organizational Tools

A. Planner/Organizer

Time management is crucial in medicine. You will be keeping with up the workload, stress, studies and many tasks. So keeping a planner to maintain your everyday to-do list is the best way to go.

You can buy planners or organisers from your nearby stationery shop.

So, here are the med school essentials you will require when your med school starts. Remember to buy:

  1. Great scrubs
  2. An amazing lab coats
  3. The right stethoscope
  4. Right textbooks
  5. Gadgets for notetaking
  6. Organizational tools like planners

May you have a great medical journey ahead.

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