Customizing Your V-Neck Scrubs: Embroidery, and Other Personalization Ideas

V-neck scrubs are a new addition to medical apparel. Before scrubs used to be boring and boxy scrubs. They didn’t fit properly and never looked good on the wearer. 

But scrubs have evolved from the old boring and boxy scrubs to the newer ones, which are stylish, and have different looks or styles to them. Eg, classic women's mandarin collar and V-neck scrubs. 

But be it V-neck scrubs or mandarin or any standard round neck scrubs you need to make it personal so that it suits your style. 

Another new thing that is getting trending is the embroidery/customization of your v-neck scrubs. 

Personalized Perfection: The Art of Customizing V-Neck Scrubs 

Have you ever worn clothes that are personalized to perfection? 

You feel good wearing it, you feel like you were made for that particular item of clothing to wear. 

When your scrubs are personalized it feels amazing to wear. 

Personalizing to perfection requires that you give the right font, the right icon placement, and the right logo to add to your scrubs, and when the personalization is ready, you have good-looking scrubs. 

Perfect personalization/embroidery/customization is the one that goes with the colour of your scrub, looks good on you and also makes you stand out. 

Make it Your Own: The Benefits of Embroidery and Personalization on V-Neck Scrubs 

What are the benefits of embroidery your V-neck scrubs? 

A. Makes you stand out

Effective personalization makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you look appealing. 

B. Gives you a different look

Are you bored with wearing the good old standard colour scrubs with no option for personalization?

When you choose to personalise your scrubs you have multiple options to choose for embroidery. 

You can select different colours and styles of font, and different icons depending on your occupation, and you can also add your hospital name to it. 

From Simple to Extravagant: Creative Ideas for Customizing V-Neck Scrubs 

If you want your scrubs style to go from simple to extravagant then all you need to do is have some creative ideas. 

Given that the hospital in which you’re working allows for embroidery on your scrubs here are some creative ideas for customizing your scrubs. 

C .Choose the right colour for the font

Choosing the right colour is the entire game. If you are wearing a pink scrub and you have chosen the font colour of your embroidery black, then sorry to say, you have ruined the embroidery. 

Choose the right colour of embroidery that goes well with the colour of your scrubs, but also stands out. 

Choosing the same colour will hide the font, but if you choose dark colours that go well with the colours of the scrub then you have the advantage to stand out. 

D. Choosing the right icon

There are multiple icons available on the website. 

There is: 

  • Caduceus
  • Tooth
  • Giraffe
  • Scalpel
  • Heart
  • Ekg
  • Stethoscope

Depending on your occupation you can choose any of the icons mentioned here.

If you want to get something else like some other icon embroidered on your scrubs then you can send it to us from the website and we’ll get it embroidered on your scrub top.


Why customize your v-neck scrubs?

Customizing your v-neck scrubs gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and look appealing. Many people in the healthcare field are now looking to customize their scrubs to make them look different and stand out from the crowd.

What types of customization options are available for v-neck scrubs?

If you’re looking to customize your scrubs then there are two customisation options available for your scrubs. The first is: 1. Adding your name on your surgical scrub top, in an appealing font 2. Adding an icon 3. Giving your custom icon so that we can embroider it on your Knya scrubs.

Can I customize my v-neck scrubs with my name or initials?

Yes, you can customize your V-neck scrubs with your name or initials. All you have to do is when placing the order for your V-neck surgical scrubs, choose the custom embroidery option and then give your name or initials, if you want it to get embroidered.