Chinese Collar Scrubs: A Stylish Twist to Traditional Medical Apparel

Want to give a twist to your traditional medical apparel? Then the answer is Chinese collar scrubs. Chinese collar scrubs, also known as mandarin scrubs are a type of collar that stays standing and barely meets the neck. 

This is a trendy style that has taken over the fashion industry by storm and many people are still adapting to this style of collar, even medical professionals. 

Mandarin collar scrubs make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, it makes you look different from others. 

Here are some key features and benefits of Chinese collar scrubs

This collar has a minimalistic style and a clean look, and it is considered to be highly fashionable. 

You can get mandarin collar scrubs from Knya at a cheaper cost. 

These mandarin collar scrubs are: 

Durable: They’re durable because they are made from a blend of two premium fabrics, i.e., polyester and viscose. 

That makes your mandarin collar scrubs durable and long-lasting. 

Sweat-proof and breathable:  Because of the fabric used in your mandarin collar scrubs, the scrub will stay sweat-free and breathable for your long shifts. 

Looks appealing: Because Mandarin has a minimalist versatile look attached to it, it looks appealing to you. 

If you’re a medical professional in search of a scrub that makes you look stylish then mandarin or V-neck collar scrubs are your go-to choices. 

Personalized embroidery 

Everyone wants to wear a scrub or a lab coat that has their name, occupation or their hospital’s name on it. 

On your Mandarin/Chinese collar scrubs you can get your name, icon, and logo embroidered with custom embroidery offered by Knya.  

You can get your name embroidered with stylish appealing fonts. 

You can get many beautiful and stylish icons embroidered on your mandarin collared scrubs. 

Adding a touch of personalized embroidery will make your look different and stand apart from the crowd and add to it an appealing look from wearing mandarin collared scrubs, you’ll be killing your style game in no time. 

If you’re looking for designer scrubs for doctors, nurses or any medical professional, then you can go for the most popular design, like mandarin and V-neck scrubs. 

Mandarin collared scrub top is available for men and women of different shapes and sizes. If you’re on the lookout to buy Mandarin scrubs, then look no further than Knya. 

Knya is an online destination for medical apparel, that is loved by medical professionals. Here you’ll find highly fashionable, and functional medical apparel that suits your needs while also making you look great. 




What are Chinese collar scrubs?

Chinese collar scrubs are scrubs that have a mandarin collar. This type of collar is a standing collar that barely meets the neck. It was popularized by the Chinese military.

What is the history of Chinese collar design?

Long ago the Chinese military started wearing mandarin-collared uniforms and it slowly hit the fashion world by storm. The mandarin collar looked so good that the world started wearing mandarin collared shirts and that’s when it started to become popular.

Are Chinese collar scrubs available in different colors and sizes?

Yes, Chinese collar scrubs or mandarin collar scrubs are available in different colors and sizes. You can buy it online from Knya. Here you’ll find scrubs that are affordable, comfortable, stylish and durable.