Career Prospects after MBBS - Higher Studies, Scope of Work & Jobs

The quest to become a doctor is tough, and it is a very tiring journey.

However, if you're thinking about your career options after MBBS, this is a good resource because it will give you a deeper insight into the careers you can pursue after MBBS.

You might have completed your MBBS, or you might be thinking about getting into the medical field.

You’ll be overloaded with a lot of options that can get you confused or frustrated with the path ahead of you, or worse, you may have no idea what lies ahead or career options after MBBS. This blog is divided into two sections: higher education and employment opportunities.

Higher Studies After MBBS


There are many medical professionals with an MD or an MS degree. MD/MS is one of the most popular choices for MBBS graduates. It is also considered one of the best courses to take after completing an MBBS.

MD is a postgraduate degree where students study medicine in detail. The two-year graduation course trains MBBS graduates in the study, prevention, and diagnosis of diseases.

You can choose to get an MD in internal medicine, gynecology, or general surgery.


Many students opt for an MBA after completing their MBBS degree.

Medical professionals who are also interested in hospital management choose to do an MBA.

If you want to get into healthcare management and hospital administration, then choosing an MBA after MBBS is an option you can go for.

An MBA opens up many career paths for you. You can get into medical administration, bioinformatics, hospital management, hospital administration, and healthcare management.


This is a 2-year graduation course offered by the university. The MSc degrees pertain typically to technology, computer science, business administration, and medicine.

If you want to pursue a master's degree in the medical field, you have several options to choose from

  • Aerospace Medicine.
  • Anatomy.
  • Anaesthesia.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Dermatology.
  • Forensic Medicine.
  • Geriatrics.
  • ENT, and many more.

    Employment Opportunities:

    Medical Researcher

    If you are interested in conducting scientific research and studying subjects in depth, then you can choose to work as a medical researcher.

    As the field of medicine is continually evolving, extensive research is conducted worldwide.

    The work you will do as a medical researcher will be conducting clinical trials, doing medical observations, investigating human diseases, and finding ways to prevent them.

    You might also have to examine medical samples and set standards and doses for the consumption of medicine.

    Medical Writer

    If you're interested in writing and have a knack for it, you could become a medical writer.

    It's important for a medical writer to have good knowledge of medical and scientific concepts.

    All you need is a degree in either writing, medicine, or science.

    You can find work as a medical writer at government medical agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms.

    Or you can get into medical journalism, write for medical publications, or start as a freelance medical writer.

    General Physician

    Being efficient in using healthcare resources and being an expert in medicine are both skills that physicians have.

    These physicians have the education to deal with a lot of medical problems, and they approach treating their patients logically and scientifically.


    Medical interns are medical professionals who are just starting out in their careers.

    After finishing their MBBS, the students apply for internships, which are required for one year after getting their MBBS.

    Working as an intern, you will come into contact with many patients, have to work various shifts and hours, and meet several experienced medical professionals who will teach you how to be a better doctor.

    If you want to learn more than you ever have, then an internship is perfect for you.

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