Best Piece of Advice for All Aspiring Doctors

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This article is for all aspiring doctors, you might be doing your MBBS, or preparing for NEET. There's something of prestige in being a doctor, but there are a lot of things that you need to know. So you’re well prepared for what is coming your way.

There are many reasons people choose to be in the healthcare profession, sometimes it’s because of parental or peer pressure, the lure of money, or the lure of fame, but, oftentimes, many aspiring doctors don’t find success in their fields.

If you’re an aspiring doctor then here are the three best pieces of advice that you must gather to become a better doctor:

Don’t Do It for the Money

Money is a powerful motivator for the choice of your career.

Many people enter the medical profession to make tons of money, but, unless you spend 10-15 years in deep learning, focusing on continuous growth, and facing challenges, you won’t be earning that huge amount of money as a doctor.

Many people choose to become doctors because they want to help people, their passion to help their patients, and their compassion is what drive them to be better human beings and serve humanity.

This is what pushes them to be better medical professionals each day.

So, money is an external motivator. But helping patients, taking care, and focusing on their overall well-being is an internal motivators.

So, if you’re aspiring to be a doctor and you’re in it for the money, then nothing is wrong, but, you can earn money, fame, or recognition, from other career prospects as well, not only the medical field.

But chasing money won’t buy you happiness.

Clarity of Thought

Simon Sinek, once said, “'Why is probably the most important message that an organization or individual can communicate as this is what inspires others to action”

You're what inspires you. You have to have a firm understanding of “why” you want to be a doctor.

You have to be rational and have a strong why, and that is what pushes you towards growth.

Finding your “why” can be such a huge task, but once you figure it out, it paves the path to success along the way.

Why do you want to be a medical professional?
Is it because you have a burning desire to help your patients, and attend to their needs?
Is it because you’re facing parental or peer pressure?
Or is it because of money?

No matter what you are, once you figure it out, you’ll have to make a lot of changes, and sacrifices, and face many hardships in your life, to be a good doctor.

Prepare Yourself To Work Harder Than You’ve Ever Before

Being an aspiring doctor can be very tough, you’ll have to stumotivatorsET, do internships, or do NEET PG while facing many challenges along the way.

But you have to prepare yourself to work harder than you’ve ever wanted.

Medical professionals train in tough situations, they are trained to be adaptable, and flexible, in stressful situations, like emergencies or any uncertainties.

You’ll be required to get training for many situations, that will be tough, demanding, and tiring, but you’ll have to do it.

If you’re an aspiring doctor, or you’re a healthcare professional then make sure that you have the strength and resilience required to make it through the tough challenges you might face every day.

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