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Scrubs are the most important workwear for every medical professional.

The best quality scrubs protect medical professionals against bacteria, viruses, and many dangerous contaminants, because of the scrub’s anti-microbial fabric quality.

Doctors’ scrubs are exposed to blood and harmful liquid medicines, and also harmful solid matters like vomit and stools.

A good scrub protects medical professionals from contaminants and liquid/solid matter, which makes all medical professionals trust the functionality and the quality of the scrub.

But, there’s more to scrub than what it looks like. 

A best-quality doctor's personalized OT scrub suit has functionality, durability, comfort and much more.

Best OT Scrubs Offer Personalization 

The best scrubs offer you personalization. Scrubs aren't just a piece of clothing to wear in the hospital. 
You’re a medical professional, scrubs are your identity. That makes your scrubs special.
The best quality doctors personalized OT scrub suits is the one that offers you personalization by getting your name, hospital name, and occupation embroidered on the scrub.
You can get your scrubs embroidered with your name in different colors. 
You can also get an appealing icon placement embroidered on your scrubs.

Best Personalized OT Scrub Suit Is Made From the Best Quality of the Fabric

The quality of the fabric plays a major role in the scrub.
Most of the scrubs are made with a fabric blend called polyester and cotton.
But the problem with these fabrics is the quality.
The fabric fades with the number of washes, and the durability worsens because the fabric soaks liquids, and that makes it shrink.
The best OT scrubs are made from poly-viscose fabric blend.

Best OT Scrub Suit Has Extra Pockets

A medical professional carries many things in the scrub, so that makes the functionality of the scrub one of the most important elements.

But the best ones come with 10,9,5 pockets that make it easy for you to carry all your medical equipment with ease.
You can't carry your backpacks everywhere in the hospital. To do your best you need to carry many things with you like:

  • Pen
  • Stethoscope
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Notebooks
  • And many more things...
Of course, you can't carry all these things in your two hands, you need a backpack or the best OT scrub suit.

Comfort & Aesthetics

Best scrubs are fashioned with a contemporary design, these scrubs give you an aesthetic look, which makes you look visually appealing.
These scrubs are fashioned for comfort. You feel comfortable during your entire shift when you wear these scrubs.
You can take long strides, run around in the hospital, and still have the energy left to treat patients.
You need a personalized OT scrub suit which makes every day in the hospital a little bit easier.

Best OT scrub suits give you advanced flexibility and mobility, they’re also lightweight and breathable.

There you go, you have got all the information that you need to buy the best OT scrub suits.

We solved your scrub buying questions

There are best personalized OT scrubs waiting for you where you can get comfort, aesthetics, durability, flexibility, and smoothness all under one scrub, on KNYA MED.

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