Benefits of Portable ECG Devices for Healthcare Workers

Benefits of Portable ECG Devices for Healthcare Workers

As a medical professional, you might know the hardest working part of your body. Guess? Not brain. Brian stops the time when you need it to work. It stops during exams, when you fall in love but stays active all night while watching a web series.  

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The hardest working part of the body is the heart. It works all day and night without asking for overtime from you. The heart is that selfless employee of your body that never stops.  

But sometimes the heart may beat abnormally, or arrhythmically. But as a medical professional, you won’t be able to record the abnormalities of your patient’s heart.  

That’s where portable ECG machines come in.  

 ECG machine has revolutionized heart health monitoring.  

But first, what is an ECG machine?

An ECG machine is a small handheld device. No, it’s not your phone. It’s a small device that can track the electrical activity of your heart and detect potential problems early on. 

Here are the types of portable ECG machines:  

  • Holter monitor 

It’s an easy-to-carry monitor that you can attach to your patient's chest. Setting a timer for 1 or 2 days, the Holter monitor records the heartbeats of the patients giving you a detailed report 24-48 hours of ECG report.  

  • Event monitor 

Another type of portable ECG machine that records arrhythmias or abnormal heartbeats.

In this blog, we’ll cover the advantages of a pocket ECG machine for healthcare workers.

Life as a healthcare worker can be tough. You have patients who complain about abnormal heartbeats.

But when they come to your clinic for an ECG test, they get a normal ECG report. 

It’s not the patient, it’s the heart that is unpredictable.  

When you have a pocket ECG machine, you can send that machine to your patient. The patient can record their ECG whenever they feel their heart beating abnormally.  

Early detection of heart problems:

Pocket ECG machines, you can detect heart problems early on and can provide quick results.  

With the traditional ECG machine, you have to wait for an hour for the report to arrive. But with the pocket ECG machine, the result is usually quick. 

Easy to carry:

Suppose you get a home visit, and you don’t have an ECG machine to test on your patient.  

You’ll have to tell your patient to go to the hospital and get their heart ECG tested. What if your patient is bedridden, and cannot walk?  

That’s when the ECG test machine comes as a saviour. You can carry these pocket ECGs in your pockets as it is easy to carry and have less weight.  

Time and cost saviour:

One of the advantages of the portable ECG machine is that it eliminates the need to go to the hospital. Going to hospitals can be tough for the patient. First, they have to make an appointment, and then wait for their turn.  

But with the help of portable ECG test machines patients don’t have to come to the hospital. Patients can do their ECG test at home and send the reports via phone or mail. This saves the patient’s time and money and improves your outcome with the patient.  

Fast and efficient care:

Suppose a patient is experiencing arrhythmias, and it becomes a cardiac event. It becomes harder to manage as they arrive late to the hospital. Was the cardiac event preventable?  

One of the advantages of ECG machines is that it is useful in preventing cardiac events.  

E.g., When patients have arrhythmias, they can do their ECG test from the portable ECG machine and send it to you. You can give medicines to prevent a cardiac event from causing a major loss to the patient.  

So, these were the benefits of portable ECG machines for health workers.  

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What are the primary benefits of using portable ECG devices in healthcare settings?

One of the primary advantages of portable ECG devices is that it is easier to carry, and saves time and money. It can be used to detect problems with the heart early on.

How do portable ECG devices enhance patient care?

One of the advantages of portable ECG devices is it enhances patient care. The patient doesn't have to travel to the hospital, it saves their time and money. The ECG test generates reports quickly, thereby enhancing patient care.

Are portable ECG devices suitable for use in various healthcare settings?

Yes, one of the advantages of portable ECG devices is that they are versatile. That means you can use it in various healthcare settings.