Benefits of Compression Socks: What Are They & Who Needs Them?

Is there anything that can prevent leg pain/swelling? Or anything to decrease your leg muscle soreness?

Is there anything that'll help you not feel tired, even after standing for long hours?
You might have asked yourself these questions at least once in your lifetime.
Healthcare professionals stand on their feet all day and strain their bodies to relieve the patient's pain. When you sit or stand for long hours the blood gets pooled in your legs. This pooling prevents blood flow from your legs to your heart. It narrows your veins and limits the supply of blood which could lead to the formation of blood clots.
How to deal with this problem?
Though you can't quit your job. But you can cheat to beat this problem with compression socks.

What Are Compression Socks?

Medical compression socks are designed to apply therapeutic pressure on your feet and ankles to:

  • Improve blood flow from the legs to your heart.
  • Reduce the risk of fluid overload.
  • Prevent inflammation in your legs.

Benefits of Medical Compression Socks and Who Needs Them:

Athletes Need Compression Socks To Decrease Muscle Soreness

Athletes and sports personalities run on the field, fall, dive, and commit to their sport. But the medical compression socks commit to decreasing their recovery time, and muscle soreness, while also protecting their skin. These socks are thicker than any typical sock which helps in protecting your skin. Athletes wear compression socks and sleeves to increase blood flow and promote post-workout recovery.
Medical Compression socks promote the blood and oxygen flow to your muscles preventing the blood from pooling in your feet.

Old People Need Compression Socks to Decrease Leg Swelling

Leg swelling and problems in the feet, ankles, or calves are common for old people. People with injury, diabetes, or kidney diseases also have higher chances of leg swelling. This swelling may lead to the formation of blood clots in the feet and calves. Once the clot forms it is harder to remove and it increases the risk of a heart attack.
Medical compression socks apply therapeutic pressure on the feet and calves to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots.

People Who Sit/Stand on Their Feet All Day Need These Socks To Decrease Fatigue

If you are in the medical profession, you have to stand on your feet all day. The entire weight of your body then falls on your feet and ankles. Standing for too long can temporarily immobilize your spine, hips, knees, and feet. It can also lead to cardiovascular problems, and lower back pain.
According to this study, complaints of leg pain/swelling decreased in people after they used medical compression socks.

Where To Get These Compression Socks?

You can get ankle compression socks from KNYA Med.
These ankle compression socks have:
Engineered arch support which reduces pain related to flat feet. It has extra cushioning, and compression strategically placed to provide you with extra support and comfort.
Top Mesh Ventilation that solves the problem of smelly feet. Mesh ventilation gives your feet better breathability which leads to…no smelly feet.
These medical-grade ankle compression socks are also available for men and women.
Now you know how beneficial medical compression socks are for doctors, nurses, athletes and old people. A good compression sock has engineered arch support, and mesh ventilation. These socks have proven to help with many pain or swelling related conditions in the legs.
What kinds of socks do you like wearing? Please comment and let us know.
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