Basic First Aid Skills Everyone Should Know: A Comprehensive Guide

Proper Guide on First Aid Skills

Emergencies can occur anytime, anyplace. The first few moments of an emergency are very critical as they determine the life and death of a person. 

So, whenever you’re in a situation where you encounter a person in dire need of an emergency, do not wait for the emergency medic or ambulance to arrive. 

Try to give basic first aid help to them right away. Because time is very critical when it comes to saving lives. 

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First of all, what is first aid?

First aid is given when a person is bruised, wounded, or is experiencing emergency health conditions. The importance of first aid cannot be ignored. Because when a person is in dire need of health crises, you need to be prepared with your first aid acumen to help them. 

Don’t know how to give first aid? 

Don’t worry, here are the basic first-aid skills you should know:


CPR also stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is done when a person’s heart has stopped working, and their blood stops flowing in the body. 

This can be deadly if done improperly. You need to be first trained to give CPR. Do not try to copy what they do in movies. 

During CPR you need to press the chest of the patient, doing enough chest compressions by pressing it can force the heart to pump blood into the body. 

But you also have to breathe into the person’s mouth to oxygenate their blood. 

Doing this effectively can save a person’s life.

If you don’t know how to perform CPR, make sure you are trained in it. 

Heimlich Maneuver:

No, this is not a combat move, if it sounds like that. 

Heimlich manoeuvre is a type of emergency first aid that is given to a person who is choking on a foreign object. 

It looks like a CPR, but it isn't a CPR. In case of severe choking the person‘s airway gets blocked and this may lead to suffocation. 

It is important to note that the Heimlich manoeuvre does not apply to toddlers. 

Stopping severe bleeding:

Stopping severe bleeding is one of the most important things you can do for a patient. Severe bleeding can happen due to a deadly injury, accident, or any uncertain event. 

The person may start to bleed severely. This blood can be arterial blood it is dark red, and it is spurting out from the person’s body. 

If you don’t stop this blood from spurting out, then the person can die. 

Cover the wounded area with a cloth and apply firm pressure, while keeping the wounded area above the heart to decrease the blood pressure. 

Doing this properly can save a person’s life. 

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Shock treatment:

Shock treatment and severe bleeding go hand in hand. Due to severe bleeding, there can be a drop in the blood pressure of a person due to a huge loss of blood. 

If bleeding continues apply pressure, but if it doesn’t work, you may need to give the person a shock treatment to get their heart working. 

The person has to lie on their back and elevate their feet above their heart. If in this scenario the person is not breathing then you can give them CPR. 

These were the basic first-aid skills everyone should know. Remember the importance of first aid cannot be ignored as it can save lives. When the emergency medic, ambulance, and doctor aren’t available on time, emergency aid is to be given to the patient as a priority. 

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What is first aid, and why is it important for everyone to learn basic first aid skills?

The importance of learning basic first aid skills cannot be ignored. It helps in times when emergency medics and ambulances are not available. You can use your basic first aid knowledge to treat a person suffering and thereby save their life.

How should I assess the scene of an accident or emergency before providing first aid?

When a person has suffered an injury during an accident make sure you call an ambulance first. But do not wait for the ambulance, see if the person is bleeding severely. If the person is bleeding, press the wounded area with a cloth and hold the wounded area higher than the heart to make the heart calm down, and stop the wastage of blood.

What are the primary steps to follow when assisting someone unconscious or not breathing?

When someone is unconscious and not breathing, it may be because their heart stops working and their lungs need oxygenated blood. Lie the person down, compress their chest to promote blood flood and breathe air into their mouth that may help oxygenate the blood. But before you do all this, call an emergency helpline.