Acing Final Year MBBS Exams

Acing Final Year MBBS Exams

As your final year of MBBS is approaching you’d be busy searching on the internet, “How to study medicine/MBBS” but this is not one of those typical articles. 

Getting passing marks/percentage in the final year of MBBS can be daunting. Since you’re mostly surrounded by tough subjects in the final year MBBS like: 

  • Psychiatry
  • Dermatology
  • Venereology
  • Paediatrics
  • Anesthesiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology

But with the right approach to study medicine/MBBS, you can easily ace your final year MBBS exams. 

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Here’s how with the right approach you can study MBBS/medicine

Study at least 4-10 hours:

When you’re in your final year of MBBS, you have to ace the toughest of subjects to at least get a passing percentage. You have to make sure you’re studying 4-10 hours every day to make sure you meet the passing marks. 

In those 4-10 hours plan your study routine, revise and also give mock tests from last year’s MBBS final year question paper to identify your weaker areas. 

Read thoroughly

When you’re studying make sure you are not skipping any topic. Skipping the boring parts of your MBBS subjects can be a huge mistake. 

So, make sure you’re not skipping any part, read thoroughly and try to understand each topic to its depth. This will help you ace your final year MBBS exams. 

Make a plan to study

“Failing to plan is, planning to fail” Benjamin Franklin. 

When you’re studying for the final year, looking at the long list of subjects and topics that you have to finish can seem daunting. 

So, make sure you have enough time left to start preparing and planning. 

Make a timetable like you used to do in school. Start with the toughest subject first and finish with the easiest one. 

Following a plan with smoothen your path of study. Not having a plan will lead to confusion and stress. 

Manage your time effectively

Once you have a plan you have to make sure you have the time to follow the plan. Not managing your time can lead to anxiety, stress and more workload. 

We’re also prone to procrastination when we have a huge task ahead of us.

So, make sure you’re saying, “No” to procrastination by managing your time properly and being focused on the task ahead instead of wasting your time on social media apps, binge-watching shows etc. 

Get a study buddy

Finding a study buddy in college isn't that hard. When you’re studying for your final year MBBS remember that you’re not alone. 

Most of the students in your college are also preparing for their exams, it’s time to make friends with them and start studying. 

Start teaching topics to each other, start taking mock tests and study together. Studying for the final year will be a smoother ride with a study buddy. 

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How should I start preparing for my final year MBBS exams?

When you’re preparing for your final year MBBS exams you have to make a well-prepared plan of study. As the subjects in final year MBBS are mostly tough it is difficult to study at the last hour. Make sure you’re at least studying 4-8 hours a day. You can also take mock tests of final year MBBS question papers to test your strengths.

Is it necessary to take mock tests before the final exams?

Taking mock tests is necessary to ensure that you’re passing your MBBS exams. As the subjects in MBBS are mostly tough, when you give a mock test, you get an idea of which subjects you’re good at and which subject needs more focus. Taking mock tests also helps you identify your weaker areas. So, start going through the previous year's question papers and start giving your best in the mock tests.

Any tips for last-minute revision, especially when the exams are nearby?

Starting to study when the exams are near can be a surefire way to fail in exams. But if you don’t have time and you need to do last-minute revisions here is what you can do: • Don’t panic • Create a study/revising plan before you start revising/studying • Wake up early • Choose the right place to study • Start with the toughest MBBS subject first • Download previous year’s final year MBBS questions papers and give a mock test