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Made with Knya proprietary polyester fabric, our classic men Long Lab Coat apron guarantees all-day breathability and enhanced performance. Constructed after keeping the needs of all healthcare professionals in mind, our doctors white apron labcoat features 1 chest patch pocket and 2 large lower pockets. With sturdy construction and a roomy, comfortable fit, it layers easily over scrubs. If you’re searching for a “laboratory coat shop near me” go for Knya men’s full sleeve apron lab coat which is designed for Superheroes: doctors & nurses.

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    Men’s Chief Lab Coat Apron

    As per body measurements in centimeters
    XS 84-89 43 89
    S 89-94 44.5 90
    M 94-99 46 91.5
    L 99-104 47 93
    XL 104-109 48.5 94
    2XL 109-114 49.5 95.5
    3XL 114-119 51 96.5
    4XL 119-124 52 98





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    Designed to be better to the core

    Supersoft material

    Add 'feeling comfortable' to your daily to-do list.

    Breathable Fabric

    Keeps the confidence in, and the moisture out.

    Featherlite Fabric

    Our scrubs move easier, and work harder.

    100% Polyester

    Proprietary Knya fabric which ensures maximum durability to last you many washes.

    From the #FocusedCrew

    Tried, tested, and loved
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    Mariyam Fatima (Varanasi, IN)
    Comments: Very useful

    I m satisfied

    Vinit Singh (Jaipur, IN)
    Comments: Vinit Singh

    Very good product, excellence comfert

    Supriya Suresh (Tiruvalla, IN)
    Comments: Nope

    It was great go for it perfect size

    Dinesh Babu (Puducherry, IN)

    Women’s Chief Lab Coat Apron

    Hitesh choudhary (Ajmer, IN)
    Comments: Its a good product
    Labcoat for doctor. Doctor's pride

    Good product. With good quality. I am happy with my product.

    Buy Medical Apron Dress with Best Quality: Elevate Your Professional Image

    Revamp your wardrobe with the sophistication and functionality of men’s full sleeve lab coat aprons. These aprons are a symbol of commitment and dedication to your craft, they’re more than just a uniform. The curated collection of Knya’s men’s long lab coat aprons are a perfect blend of style and utility.

    Why Choose a Men’s Full Sleeve Lab Coat Medical Apron Dress

    The choice of your lab coat can make or break your professional appearance. Men’s lab coats stand out as versatile and essential garments for several reasons.

    • Full coverage and protection

    The long lab coat white MBBS apron provides you with full coverage that helps protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses present in the healthcare environment. The full coverage of Knya men’s long lab coat helps you shield from spills, stains, and other potential contaminants. 

    • Professional aesthetics

    Our lab coats are tailored for a sleek and professional look, ensuring you an image of competence and dedication. The crisp white colour of your lab coat symbolizes sophistication adding a touch of cleanliness and precision.

    • Functional design

    Our lab coats aren’t just designed to give you a professional look. The Knya men’s full sleeve lab coat white MBBS aprons are functional too. It has 3 pockets with ample pocket space to carry all your essential needs without ever worrying about storage space. These thoughtfully designed features enhance the functionality of your lab coat.

    • Comfortable wear

    Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, these full sleeve lab coats are comfortable to wear, they’re long-lasting, lightweight and also breathable. 

    The Knya men’s full length lab coat is the epitome of style, functionality, durability and comfort.

    Features and Functions of Knya Men’s Lab Coat Medical Apron Dress

    Features play a very important role in defining functionality, style and durability in your medical white apron. At Knya we take pride in offering medical professionals with lab coat that caters to their different needs of without compromising on functionality.

    • Full-length design

    Our men’s long lab coat white apron ensures full coverage, that can guarantee full protection against germs, bacteria and viruses. This feature is very important in healthcare as spills and stains are a part of your daily routine. This long length of your lab coat guarantees that you get extra protection from potential contaminants.

    • Durable and high-quality fabric

    The men’s long lab coats are made from a durable quality fabric called polyester. This makes your white apron durable, breathable, lightweight, and functional without compromising on comfort. The high-quality fabric withstands daily wear and tear but also provides a soft and comfortable feel all day long.

    • Thoughtful pocket placements

    Knya’s doctor white aprons have 3 pockets with ample pocket space because we know how important accessibility and functionality are for medical professionals. These pockets allow convenient storage for important tools, making it easy to carry whatever you need without ever having to carry a backpack.

    • Embroidery

    You can get your medical white MBBS apron embroidered with your name, icons and logo of your choice. Getting your men’s lab coat embroidered makes you stand out from the crowd and also makes you look highly professional as a medico.

    Choosing the Right Men’s Lab Coat Medical Apron Dress

    Selecting the right men’s lab coat white apron is a personal choice. You need a medical apron that blends style, functionality and durability. Here are the factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right men’s lab coat:

    • Identify your needs

    When choosing an apron coat you should identify your needs. If you’re a student you may need a different full length lab coat, an intern might need a lab coat that is slightly different from a medical student’s lab coat. You need to make sure what type of full sleeve lab coat you need.

    • Prioritize comfort and functionality

    When buying your men’s lab coat white apron you should prioritize comfort first. Look for doctor aprons that are made from a fabric that allows breathability, and provides you comfort. Also look for a lab coat that has ample pocket space to store your essential needs.

    Where to Buy Men’s Long Lab Coat Medical Apron Dress

    At Knya. Knya is a one-stop shop for all your medical apparel needs. Whether you’re looking for a long lab coat for Women or Men, or you are looking for scrubs or underscrubs we have it all. We also provide accessories such as scrub caps. Knya is the most trusted and loved medical apparel brand in India. We provide medical apparel for your different needs. Get yourself a men’s long lab coat white apron now.

    FAQ on Men's Full Sleeve Lab Coats

    Q: Are men's long lab coat aprons suitable for all medical professions?

    A: Yes, our men's long lab coat aprons are designed to cater to a wide range of medical professions. From doctors and surgeons to lab technicians and healthcare professionals, the versatility of our aprons ensures they meet the specific needs of various roles within the medical field.

    Q: How do I determine the ideal length of a men's long lab coat white apron?

    A: The ideal length depends on your personal preference, workplace requirements, and the nature of your work. Full-length white aprons offer comprehensive coverage, suitable for tasks that involve potential splashes. However, if you require more freedom of movement, a knee-length white MBBS apron might be more suitable.

    Q: Can men's full Length lab coat aprons be worn comfortably for extended periods?

    A: Absolutely. Comfort is a top priority in the design of our men's long lab coat white aprons. The use of breathable and soft fabrics ensures comfort even during extended shifts. The thoughtful design and quality materials contribute to an white apron that prioritizes both functionality and wearer well-being.

    Q: What features should I look for in a men's long lab coat apron to enhance functionality?

    A: Consider features such as pocket placement, the number of pockets, and the quality of fabric. Our white aprons are crafted with functional considerations in mind, providing ample pocket space for essential tools and instruments. The fabric is not only durable but also breathable, ensuring functionality without sacrificing comfort.

    Q: Can I customize a men's full sleeve lab coat MBBS apron to reflect my style?

    A: Yes, customization options are available for our men's long lab coat white aprons. You can explore personalized embroidery, including names or logos, to add a unique touch to your attire. This allows you to maintain a professional look while expressing your style.

    Q: How does the quality of Knya's men's long lab coat MBBS apron compare to others in the market?

    A: The quality of our men's long lab coat aprons is unmatched. We use high-quality materials that are not only durable but also soft on the skin. Our white aprons undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of excellence. With Knya, you can trust that your white apron dress will stand up to the demands of your profession.


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