Tips To Buy Scrubs Set Online: Make Sure You Read This

Online shopping is the modern-day trend for buying clothes. Medical attire has seen a significant increase in online purchases, as doctors prefer to choose the best medical scrub brands online in the midst of their hectic schedules. But how do you know how the product will be when you buy scrubs online?

Here Are A Few Tips for Buying a Scrub Set Online

Follow a brand

To buy designer scrubs for doctors online with the right fit and quality requires a great deal of effort, but there is a hack. Following a particular medical scrub set collection of the same brand will help ensure the right size and quality. Check the brand’s website and look for the details about the scrub set such as the fabric, sizing, design etc. Most retail websites might lack this information. On the Knya website, all the information is provided in a very convenient way on their product page.

Festive mood is for discounts

Most online stores run discounts on surgery dresses for doctors around festivals. So, buy scrubs online around special days like National Nurses Day, National doctors’ day, Cyber Monday etc.

Make use of first-time privilege

Take the advantage of being a first-time customer on a shopping site. You will be asked to subscribe to the newsletter to grab coupon codes and yes, I understand the worry of getting your mailbox flooded, but this way you will not miss on any amazing deals after the subscription to buy scrubs onlineKnya asks you to sign up as soon as you enter their website and sends you a ‘welcome’ discount code in your mail.

Free shipping is a feast

Most medical apparel brands offer free shipping but often brands impose a minimum order value to make you eligible for free shipping to buy scrubs online. You might need to add an extra set of medical uniforms to whip off the shipping charges. Some brands like Knya offer the best scrub suits for men & women with free shipping when you make online payments at the time of purchase without imposing any minimum order value.

Plan in advance for Embroidered scrubs

Some brands offer name/logo embroidery services for scrub sets when you plan to buy scrubs online, all you have to do is plan your purchase of medical scrubs clothing in advance as it usually requires up to 14 days to be dispatched. On the Knya website, personalising your medical apparel has never been easier. All you must do is follow the steps:

  • Choose your product
  • Write your first line to be embroidered
  • Write your second line to be embroidered
  • Choose the font - Choose your colour In case you want a logo to be embroidered you can just upload the logo file under the embroidery section.


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Colours are there to be taken

If you turn back the clock to decades ago, healthcare uniforms were all about shades of blue, grey, and greens. But, as the number of young medicos increased, the need for fashionable and trendy colours saw a rise. Brands of medical apparel started getting more innovative and started launching bright and unique colours of the scrub set which have created an exciting appeal among buyers. Knya recently launched a wine and hot pink colour to their scrubs clothing which is gaining dapper reviews among the medicos. Do check their classic and eco-flex collections in the link below.

Look for a free In-home trial

Availability of a trial period while you buy stylish medical scrubs online can be a huge advantage as there is a fair chance of sizing or colouring not going in favour of your expectation. Medical apparel brands like Knya offer a free in-home trial for a period of 7 days which gives you the freedom to return or exchange your scrub set

Knya Website Link

Online shopping for scrub suits for doctors can get confusing, but if you follow the above points, it will be hassle-free to get your scrub set that matches your comfort and style.