Yashaank Kumar | Co-Founder AceMed

KNYA Med Capes - Yashaank Kumar (Co-Founder AceMed)

Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.  

Tears rolled down my cheeks after the NEET 2019 results, my heart broken, and my spirit crushed by the fact that I had not been accepted into a medical school in my home state.  

I began to doubt my potential and harshly criticize myself, and I was ready to give up on my dream. But I knew I couldn't. So, I took a chance and enrolled in a medical school in China, taking the first step towards achieving my dream.  

Despite everything, I am still grateful for taking this chance. Opportunities don't always come easy, so I have learned to create them for myself and to work hard to pursue my passions. 

This mindset was not always with me, but the last few years have taught me that it is all about pushing yourself hard and creating opportunities rather than waiting for them. 

Last year, I isolated myself from the social world, believing that being a medical student was only about studying and memorizing endless topics. But I found that I wasn't enjoying my medical journey, and I didn't want my passions to become mere work.  

So, I entered the world of study grammars and started creating content that I enjoyed and hoped other medical students could relate to. It motivated me to do more and connected me to amazing people.  

Through this, I co-founded AceMed, an organization that creates opportunities for others. Our journal club provides a chance for research enthusiasts, Eduvilla is a personal help platform for medical students, and Unfazed focuses on mental health and counseling. 

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