Meet The Superhero with Capes, Prashi Kaveri

Prashi Kaveri
So, this is about a typical small-town girl with big dreams; dreams that are of stratospheric heights, dreams that push every cell of hers to work that extra mile every day, dreams that don’t allow her to sleep until she knows she has given her 100 percent each day. 

I’m Prashi Kaveri, a final-year medical student from Bangalore, India who wanted to be a doctor no matter what. 

At the very young age of 10, I knew where I wanted to see myself in the future, I wanted to make a name that could be remembered for hundreds of years and that vision pushed me to study until my eyes would ache. 

I attended classes from 7 am - 7 pm and studied from 9-12 pm afterwards. I always wanted to study in one of the best medical colleges in Karnataka and I knew I had that potential in me.  

But that was not the Gods’ plan for me, I somehow didn’t get the rank I wanted and it aches every inch of me to see all my other classmates who scored less than me in mock tests in the best medical colleges of the state. 

Even though I was shattered, I pulled myself together and decided to give my 100 percent to whichever college I went to. 

Today after almost 4 and a half years, I’m here in the final year with distinctions every year, with a growing YouTube channel, as an Instagrammer, getting fitter every day, learning new skills each time I can, and doing all that I love. 

All this did not come easy, there were lots of ups and downs, lots of emotional breakdowns, and the loss of family members. 

But all this has made me even stronger and made me realize that sometimes, the time may not be ours, but one shouldn’t lose hope. The universe always has better things for us and they’ll come to us in unimaginable ways, in amounts of infinity and we can shine the brightest of all the stars out there. 

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