Meet The Superhero with capes, Muskaan Garg

Muskaan Garg

This is the story of a young girl from a small town in Punjab who dreams of flying high and achieving the impossible! 

From a young age, she was inspired by documentaries about Mother Teresa and APJ Abdul Kalam, and she was determined to help society with her knowledge, skills, and dedication. 

She wanted to provide access to adequate healthcare for those who are in need. 

Her father encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, telling her that she could achieve this if she became a good doctor and a good human being. Despite her hard work and dedication, she failed to score a good government seat in NEET UG. 

However, her parents asked her to take a drop, believing in her and wanting to see her living out her dreams. 

Unfortunately, she started to lose hope and gained a lot of weight. She felt guilty that she couldn't make her parents proud, and she began to hate herself. This ultimately resulted in her developing anxiety. 

She felt like no one understood her, she was all by herself. But her mom and dad silently watched, and never pressured her, as if they understood what she was going through. 

They encouraged her to start anew by losing weight, doing what she loves, and pursuing a medical degree from a private college in India. 

Their love and belief in her gave her the strength to fight her anxiety each day and do her best. 

And now she’s halfway through her med school journey and is living the life she’s always dreamed of! To keep motivated and dedicated, and to help other medical students on their journey, she started her own YouTube channel and Instagram page called "LetsStudyMBBS". 

This is what makes her happy! With the love of her parents, friends, and herself, she’s come this far, and not looking back.  

She'll keep fighting until she achieves the impossible! 

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