Meet The Superhero with Capes, Maha Faizal

Maha Faizal
It was July 26th, 2020 when my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My world came crashing down. I was in Ukraine and there was a strict lockdown in India as well as in Ukraine. Flights were mad expensive and there were so many protocols to follow. 

I was not able to travel to be with her. Being her only daughter, my mom always missed me throughout her cancer treatment. 

That was my toughest year of MBBS knowing that she was fighting something which requires truckloads of courage. 

She recovered and was doing fine. Fast forward to Feb 2022, when Ukraine Russia war broke out, I was stuck in Ukraine for 11 days. I survived that war too. 

Until now, when my mom’s cancer treatment follow-up report showed few lumps. Doctors ordered a biopsy and CECT right away and her reports came back positive. HER CANCER RELAPSED! More aggressive this time. 

Now, that I am with my mom, I don’t want to leave her and go back to Ukraine for the current semester at least. She’s currently under a very aggressive chemotherapy regime. 

She’s the strongest one out there. She holds me up whenever my self-esteem and faith go downhill, and keeps me motivated.  

She says that she'll look like Shaakal again. And that makes me smile.
All this time, till this very moment there was not even a minute when the thought of leaving my mom didn’t cross my mind.

My reason to share this you never know what someone is going through behind those 4 walls, or behind happy photographs. Some battles are fought silently! & You can’t imagine all that by just looking at that person. Because they carry it so well. 

I & my mom have 1 common dream, that this we both want to see me as a successful doctor in future. I hope I make her proud. I owe her everything.  

As for now, I’m 5th Year Medical student and I have started my very first social media project 

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