Meet The Superhero with Capes, Dr Arushi Mittal

Dr Arushi Mittal

When I cleared the undergraduate entrance exams, it was purely because I liked to study biology, which was easier than mathematics. 

As I did my MBBS, I always wondered what my motivation was. There were plenty of 

things that I could have done that would be easy to do and would offer a better lifestyle. 

It was only after I realized that dermatology would give me the option to help people in ways, I would want somebody to help me, I probably found my motivation. 

How your body is doing on the inside might be important for your physical survival but seeing yourself healthy on the outside is also something everyone would want. 

The day you see the before and after of a patient with a skin ailment and help them face the 

world confidently again, that is when you realise all the rut was worth it. 

I could have been an artist but the day I realised I can be a doctor and an artist too and do 

aesthetic modifications on people, it is when I found my true calling. 

I could have been an influencer or journalist but personal interactions with patients offer you 

everything you can ever want from life. So, the hard days will always be worth it. 

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