Meet Dr. Divya Tomer, Othopedics Surgeon

Dr. Divya Tomer

“When I was born, some people told my parents not to water an acacia tree as it only bears thorns and never a fruit; a thorn because I was not born a boy."

AUGUST 2021 : Pune, Maharashtra  

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"When I was only 5 years old, an astrologer predicted I wouldn't pass my 10th board exam. I topped my 10th boards. Then in class 11, when I decided to study both math and biology, everyone said I was crazy. When I didn't want to get extra coaching for my medical entrance exam, people bet that there is no way I would clear my medical entrance exam. Years later, when I wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon, people mocked it's a man's field. When I joined my residency, a senior said my future would be dark."

People kept talking, that’s what they know best. But I knew better. Here I am today in my final year of residency - proud of what I have achieved, and excited for my future ahead. Did you know that in a country of 1 billion+ people there are hardly over 200 female orthopedic surgeons? ‘You have to believe in yourself even when no one else does.’ -- these words by Serena Williams inspired me to do all this and more. 

knya med scrubs

Today, when I see the gratitude my patients and their families have towards me, all my struggles seem worth it. Once a patient's father waited in the OPD for an hour with tears in his eyes just to thank me, I walked in wearing my Scrubs, and he said to me `It is only because of you that my daughter can walk today’. Moments like these have helped me march forward and continue to save lives."

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Excellent performance. Keep it up. God bless you more happy life ahead.

Yeshpal Singh Tomer

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