Meet Dr. Amrita Narang, Interventional Radiologist

Amrita Narang

“Satisfaction matters to me most in life. The joy of seeing my parents and husband happy is priceless. That is my satisfaction. I consider myself to be a grateful person.”

AUGUST 2021 : New Delhi, India 

I topped my state boards and got into the IITs and Medical School. This is a very rare situation and I never thought I would be in it. I chose Med school; it was a no brainer. My mother is a doctor and I have been always inspired by her — Inspired to help others and to save lives. I remember there were situations when she would manage emergency situations in the ER. Everything from shootouts to gangster killings. She is fearless and kind at the same time.

KnyaMed Scrubs

I have never felt more helpless in my life than during the second wave of COVID. Those 15 days, like everyone in India, were the toughest for me. My whole family had COVID and I lost two close family members in the same week. The mental trauma was real. Managing my personal life along with balancing being a doctor and showing up to work everyday  to help others was a challenge. I never got the time to attend to my personal feelings. My thoughts, my mental space, my health, my hurt.

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